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Crank position sensor

It's small, it's important.

Let's find out about it.

Loose change!

A Lancia Delta gearbox has lost its spring,

let's find out why.


Some parts makers no longer have pride in their products,

meaning we pay the price.

Fitting a new fuel pump

A common problem, quite easily fixed

Water pump

Water pump change the easy way,

with the engine out!

A rusty patch on the inner wing turns out

to be worse than expected, no surprise!

The bearing detective

Barry shares his bearing 

economy drive.

Please reload


This nice red 16v has been repeat listed on ebay, I think 6 times.

Let's hope it sells soon! 

16v sold?


Another work of auto art from Italy,

I do rather like this Panda!

Panda or Automobiliamos


A fantastic Delta at a fantastic dealership, Rare Birds.

Rare Bird indeed

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