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I thought I'd fixed it...

Wrong! Let's try again.

Or as they say in Japan,


Let's have a look

An experimental racer, or a 

space age dashboard looking

for a home?

What can go wrong?

Quite a lot, as you know!

We headed to Holland for an

Integrale, what else?!

Water and plugs

don't mix.

Alfa Romeo 155 Q4, the secret

Alfa with Integrale go!

This is the big one!

Here's how it's done

A surprising pipe failure in

an inconvenient location

Barry cures a persistent oil drip

Refurbish? Replace? Renovate?

Let's ask an expert..

Please reload


Always frustrating, full of MGBs and Jaguars,

rarely a mention of anything Italian, but it always seems to get in the trolley at Tesco!

Practical Classics is 40 years old this month.

Every Integrale needs a big dad to look after it,

a small tribute to our HiLux here.

Delta owners from around the world share their cars here, yours would be welcome too!

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