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Not born in the USA!

Lancia Delta 8v

This tidy 8v Delta was for sale in the UK during late 2020, it was advertised on the usual sites without much luck. The car had many improvements, like BC adjustable coil overs and bigger wheels. Lots of other components were replaced, with the belts and water pump replaced in April 2020.

The price started at £23500, and was gradually reduced to £19250.

At this price the car was soon sold, to an overseas buyer.


A cleanly presented and well looked after Integrale,

a neat 8v, some say the 8v engine's torque

is preferable to a 16v's rev power.

The 8v has found a new home in Oregon, USA, and has been reborn in a distinctive rally car livery. Rand, the new owner, is going to use the car for actual rallying in his country, so he's well qualified to apply a rally livery.

We'll keep in touch with Rand, and with the car's progress, it's very brave of him to embark on such a venture.

rally livery Delta

Rand has created his own rally replica,

which he's allowed to do

because he's going to rally the unsuspecting car!

Before this takes place however, Rand has to fix the leaking upper and lower sump gaskets. These are leaking oil and need to be fixed. Rand and his equally brave mechanic, wanted to know if the rear upper sump bolts could be accessed by swinging back the final drive assembly. If anyone has managed to do this, I haven't! please email me,, and I'll forward your info to Rand in USA. 

8v engine bay

Rand's carefully presented engine bay, I note the coil lead looks a bit tight,

and one or two pipes aren't in place. 

I see the same sensor mounting bolt on the aftermarket cross bar

has broken off as on my own 16v.

These screws aren't masked off before powder coating, so the nut gets

very tight and shears off the bolt. If you're as ham fisted as me!

I'll keep in touch with Rand and let you know about his 8v's progress.

It sounds like the car has an exciting future!

integralingham t shirt.jpg
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