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Good news!

Good news indeed, this smart Evo1 is safe and well with its happy owner.

We previously reported on an Evo1 doppelganger issue, where the same Derby green Delta was being advertised at 2 locations. One obviously a scam, being much cheaper than the genuine Evo on sale.

The owner of the genuine Evo1 has been in touch from Europe, he is the happy guardian of this lovely Derby green Evo1. The car was purchased from JMR-KFZ in Germany, this fantastic centre is in Goldbach, not far from Frankfurt. JMR always have a selection of Lancia Deltas for sale, and their website is well worth a visit to view the Delta related activities there.

This Derby green Evo1 is an 8v kat model, made for the Swiss, Austrian and German markets, the car's first home was in Switzerland. The car now lives in Germany where the kat model can be issued with a green label, a car is not allowed in a German city without this label.

Unless that is the car is classed as an 'Old timer'.

Lancia Delta Derby Green Evo 1
Delta Evo Martini 6

4650 8v kat Evo1 units were made by Lancia for various European markets, the Swiss market cars being 165bhp.

As the Derby green wasn't a special edition colour

actual production numbers are difficult to obtain. However this lighter green is certainly a rare colour, and makes a relaxing change from red.

The gentle colour shows off the Delta's curves and muscles, flattering the style as the metallic finish catches the light.

Here's a beautiful Evo Martini car for sale at JMR.

It's photographed beside the tower that caught our attention in the original internet listings.

Visit JMR site here:

We should be getting some more pictures soon, we'll post em up as soon as they arrive.

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