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3D printed parts

Good friend of this site Jason, from USA, has found a maker of

3D printed parts, Shapeways. They have a range of Integrale parts, including the much needed rear wiper arm cover.

Jason has ordered seat belt covers, a headlight levelling switch, and shelf hooks, he's awaiting delivery.

Jason says the prices are very fair, and the delivery is fast. He's going to keep us posted, and we'll publish his report as soon as it arrives.

I'll report fully when Jason has fitted his new parts, until then have a look at Shapeways website here.


Jason's new 3D printed parts have been delivered, he's fitted them and here's his report

Plastics update, message from Jason..

I've attached pictures to show the old and the new parts (at least for the headlight level delete switch cover) The higher gloss one with the broken tab on the top is the factory switch...and although the new part on the bottom has a bit of a matte finish to it, the fit was tight and it looks very much at home.

The seatbelt holders...well...they fit...okay. Little rough fitting wise, but once again they look at home once they are in there.

Here Jason says his car has screw in ring type front seat belt mounts, probably from a set of 4 point safety harnesses. The standard seat belt mounting covers won't fit.

So with those eyelets, there's no way in hell that the seatbelt covers will fit. So what I'm planning to do is replace that hardware with some oem bolts so I can actually use the seatbelt covers. Will report back with final photos once its completed.

So far, for the price I'd say it's worth the while to give this designer a shot.

He's welcoming to other suggestions as he's a Delta owner as well, but I definitely see oem interior plastics (and other hard to find pieces) really find a home in the 3d printing market. 

So Jason's printed parts are a success, these breakable plastic trim pieces are very difficult to find, so 3D printing

will be a great source to recreate trim components.

Such as an Evo1 fuel filler ring that's lost its springiness.

Thanks for your report Jason.

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