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skirt problems

Skirt problems

A recently fitted side skirt had sprung off at both ends, let's see what's wrong

First jack the car up using the centre jacking point, then place axle stands under the front and rear jack points, gently lower the car onto the stands. Push and pull the car a bit to check it's safe, you're going underneath.

Remove the jack, it'll be in the way of the sill cover's centre fixing screw.

lancia delta evo side skirt

I did all this, then from underneath I removed the trim's fixing screws, this allows the trim to be removed. Firmly pull the cover straight towards you, and the plastic plugs will pull out of the holes.

The plastics plugs on this car were worn and had lost some of their grip, but the main problem was at the front end. The sill's clip mounting hole had broken, so that it couldn't hold the clip in place properly.

Unscrewing from below

delta evo sill clips lost

Lost clips inside sill

Recovering lost clips

I thought the front clip was missing, but two of them were inside the trim. So I fished them out.

These little trim clips are unique in form, they are available from AECar, but it was a Sunday and I wanted to finish the job. I had some trim clips of a similar diameter, so I cut the caps square and shoved them in.

The front original style plug wouldn't stay clipped in the trim, so I put the clip into the car hole and slipped the sill cover over it.

delta evo sill clips

Fixing plugs used from stock

I worked from the front backwards on the sill banging in the plugs, and when I got to the back, of course the front popped out. So I went underneath and put the screws in, The back hole needed a new plastic insert to screw into, and all the screws needed flat washers, the front screw needed a big flat washer to cover a broken hole, I cut a side off this washer so the sill could be pushed in.

I pushed the sill front in hard, and did the screw up, but it wasn't enough to close the gap.

I carefully located the remaining plugs, then banged the cover on with my hand.

This is another of those Lancia jobs where you need x-ray eyes. You can't see the plugs are in line with their holes once you offer the cover up, You can see a bit more with the car doors open, then you can line the plugs up the best you can, and gently feel the plugs locate in the holes, then bang em in.

lancia delta sill
integrale sill insert

I'm careful of these old, brittle plastic parts, most are now irreplacable.

Eddie at AECar has lots of different fixing clips though.

Locating rear fixing hole

Big flat washer to cover big hole

Screws and washers used underneath

New fixing insert

The front end clip had fallen inside the sill trim again.

I decided the only secure way to fix on the sill would be to screw it from the inside. So I drilled a little hole in the lower wing, carefully clamped the sill in place with a block of wood and an old dishcloth, and screwed in a self tapper. This did the trick, the screw will be hidden by the inner wing, so no-one will see it!

The passenger side trim was a good and snug fit, secure too, but the driver's side sill had a will of its own, determined to spring off. Let's hope it gets the message and stays put!

Job done, it's acceptable, but I'm sorry the I had to drill the car

fixing integrale sill
fixing delta sill

Clamping and fixing sill

integrale side skirt

Luckily, I'm on good terms with a local body shop, I can sneak in and raid their clip boxes!

They told me that the types and variety of trim clips is endless, no two cars are the same, even the same manufacturer. The last model Toyota will have different fixings than the current Toyota.

The different clip designs are very clever, and it's often impossible to use a substitute.

AECar have a good selection of Lancia clips, so you shouldn't need to struggle.

As you know these irreplaceable old plastic parts are brittle, one bang too many and they'll crack.

We got away with this one, but I'm worried that the whole sill is under tension. We'll keep an eye on it.

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