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Door mirrors

I am renovating an Evo2 from Japan, it's a solid car, but has some unwelcome features, one being tiny 'racing' wing mirrors.

So I visited Jim at NW Integrales and bought two standard items. Jim's buildings are full of parts, but it's well organised, all the LH mirrors in one box, all the RH in another box, genius!

This is another Lancia item that's surprisingly complicated, I had the mirrors repainted, so had to strip them down. I followed Jim's method and put the bits in separate boxes, so re-assembly was a bit easier.

Here's how it went.

integrale mirror in pieces

This is one of Jim's mirrors, the other was black, I count 20 parts, that doesn't include the parts in the adjuster mechanism.

integrale mirror bracket

Dear reader, as you will know, nothing is easy in Deltaworld. This mirror is no different!

The logical method would be to fit the mounting then pass the cables through. This won't work, the cables won't quite go through the hole with the mounting bracket fixed, so pass the cables through first, then fit the bracket. There are 3 screws fixing the bracket, the centre one is easily missed, by me anyway. Tighten them up.

integrale mirror fitting
integrale mirror screws

With the mounting bracket correctly fitted, you can feed the cables through the hole then push the mirror glass unit into place. This lines up with mounts at the top and bottom inside, and screw holes at the bottom. Push it home, then turn the mirror over and fit the small screws, these can be tightened up.

lancia delta mirror base

Next, take the complete door mount plate, with the internal soft rubber cover, push the adjuster cables into the mounting hole, then draw the rubber back and place its bolt through the mirror mount. There are flats on the adjuster cable casing which line up with the metal door mounting plate, push the cable through and screw the plastic collar on a bit to secure it. You don't want it slipping back down the hole.

Push the mounting bolt through the hole.

Place the spring over the bolt, apply flat washer then screw on the nylock nut with a 10mm socket. This is the mirror folding spring, so tighten up the nut until you're happy with the resistance

lancia delta mirror mount

With the cable conduit through the door mount, screw up the plastic collar tight. Then pull the soft rubber sleeve over the mirror case and bed into place. This has a plastic cover to fit next, which will holds the sleeve in position.

lancia delta mirror fitting

Next, fit the plastic shield, this partly covers the rubber collar, and holds this in its groove.

The single screw fixing is with quite a large plated screw.

Needless to say, these covers were different on my two mirrors. One was longer, I can't see why!

lancia delta mirror cover
integrale mirror cover

Next job is to get the rubber cover on, this is a bit tight. I'm sure there's a right way of doing this, but it was a bit of a struggle for me, I really didn't want to damage this precious item.

One last check that all is tight and correct, and we're done.

It was important to strip the mirror to its casing for repaint, there must be no masking lines, this car must look like new!

The mirror is simple to fit to the car door, just a big threaded ring secures the whole unit.

integrale repaint

These mirrors are a small part of the repaint, Pete has done a fantastic job as always.

All the trim parts are perfectly prepared and carefully painted.

Pete's using 2pack, with a 1/2 clear lacquer top coat to give an authentic original finish.

I'll report more on the build-up on another page

lancia delta mirrors

Don't look at the fingermarks!

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