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Opinions seem to differ

Which way does my bar go?

Fitting an Evo strut brace is an emotional task, it means that your engine activities have hopefully finished, it's the final piece in a jigsaw of many parts.

I recently refitted an Evo2 strut brace the same way it came off, and I realised that it was the wrong way around.

I looked at the bar's clearance sections for the inlet manifold sensor and pipes, and the heater area, and this bar had been fitted wrongly, I then installed it correctly, I think!

Ring to driver's side

Ring to driver's side

Ring to driver's side

Looking at Google Images, half the Evos out there have the bars one  way, the other half the opposite way. I thought I was doing mine right, but maybe I'm wrong.

Here are some images, so have a look yourselves!

I'm with these guys, joint ring to the air filter side,

all the pictures below, and the headline pic, are the

other way around.

These lads are discussing their Bianco Perla Delta,

I hope they're talking about putting the strut brace right, and about that rust on the bonnet too!

Click on the picture to read the article this pic was taken from.

The song I sing when doing this job is

'Which way did my girl go?' by Wild Man Fischer

Ring to battery side

Ring to battery side

Larry 'Wild Man' Fischer was institutionalised at 16 yrs old for attacking his mother with a knife. Larry had quite serious mental problems, however, he left his hospital in California and fitted right in with the San Francisco hippy music scene. He had a good few hit records. Nobody from the hospital ever came looking for him!

He was a favourite of John Peel, and Larry's songs stick in your head, for too many years in my case! Larry died in 2011 from heart problems.

Click Larry's picture to enjoy the song.

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