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A bargain 16v

Barry sent me a link to this 16v on Ebay, it was up North and 1 hour from my house.

So I'll get my little torch and magnet and get going!

Bargain 16v Delta
white 16v.jpeg

This very white 16v Integrale was listed in a classified ad on Ebay, in these modern times the £20,000.00 asking price seemed a bargain. The ad explained the 16v was a fresh import from Japan, a non runner and was recently UK registered.

The car was well photographed in Cheshire Motor Car Sales Dukinfield premises, in a dedicated clean and bright area. This showed the car's fresh paint job well, the white OZ wheels looked tidy too. However the car was reported to be a non runner, which explained why the car was so 'cheap'.


I visited the sales office and I was shown to the big storage shed, which wasn't bright or white,

but was filled with interesting older cars, some from Japan, and some from South Africa.


I noticed a yellow Evo2 under a tarp, it had black 5 spokes and variously finished panels,

but I was told this wasn't for sale.

The first impression approaching the 16v is it's drooping at the front end. 

The car itself has been repainted in the Japanese blow over way, which usually involves minimum preparation and a generous coat of paint.

The finish was a bit orange peely, but there's plenty of paint on it.

Also noted was the Evo rear spoiler and the wrongly fitted supports.

The JDM electric aerial had no mounting surround, neither did the driver side front wiper. The passenger door lock barrel had been forced out

to get in the car presumably.

I tested areas such as the roof rear end with my magnet, and the magnet stuck on everywhere.

white 16v 3.jpeg
white 16v
used 16v interior

The car smelt lovely and fresh inside, it has 3 black leather seats, the driver's is grey stripe, black leather door cards and a good black carpet. It has a non standard steering wheel, white gear knob and several switches and dials for a turbo timer and other things on the dashboard.


The car has no rear parcel shelf I could see. Extra wiring is loose under the dashboard, the glove box works, and the car is clean inside. The roof lining is sagging in the middle.

I located the hood release amongst the wires, and I popped the hood.

16v tsunami delta
Integrale corroded engine

Under the metal hood I noted standard looking strut tops, even though the front is sagging, and a removed strut brace bar. The car has air conditioning and many Japan style extra earthing cables.

A metal induction hose is fitted with things attached underneath,  

and a cone filter.

Underneath the hood is clean and the original colour, with the

paint code sticker in place.

The hinges are rust free and have been painted with the car. The car has not been run in this country, and no battery was available to see if it turned over. The engine looks in a very poor state with quite severe corrosion, I checked the oil, it was black and over full.

The lower air intake hose to the intercooler was missing, which, with the state of the motor made me think this was a tsunarmi car, and the hose had been removed to let the water drain out.

I looked under the car, it has been oiled underneath but no particular rust was visible, however the floor had a few large dings, like undulations caused by a car being washed along rough ground

by a flood.

16v Corroded engine

The brave population of Japan endured the tsunami in 2011, this cost many lives and destroyed much property.

I was told by a man who knows, that there are many damaged collectable cars in private garages and sheds,

which can't be used, but are worth good money exported to Europe. Shown right and below is an Evo 2 flood

damaged car which was for sale in Japan by Tokyo Carz in 2011, you'll see the same sea water damage

as the white car.


The white car has been sold, and we wish the new owner good luck with his project, it'll be hard work,

but we admire his courage and it'll be another Integrale saved.

Best regards, the Integralingham team

Integrale tsunami damage
tsunami damaged evo2

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