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omg... holes!!

lancia delta parcel shelf holes

Here's a properly vandalised rear parcel shelf, there's almost more hole than shelf! I'd removed the massive speakers and binned them. New shelves are just about unobtainable, so I took this example to our upholsterers.

I presented our upholstery man with this shelf, and asked what he could do with it, he said he could fill the holes in, strip the old carpet off and apply a new piece on top, put an edging strip around, and cover the underneath too.

I asked our man to proceed. The looped pile material applied to the original shelf panel is no longer available, well not around here anyway!

So our man said he knew a good substitute to use, and he would replicate the original rubber surround

with a textured vinyl strip. 

integrale parcel shelf repair

Here a some photos of the finished shelf.

The holes are filled in, new carpet is fitted, the edging has been applied, and the back covered.

I'm very pleased with the result, the shelf is straight and looks really good. The carpet is a deeper pile than the original, but from any distance away it looks the same. You'd need two together to see any difference.

The textured vinyl surround is made from a flat strip of material, stretched around the edge, then glued and stapled at the back. The fittings all remain in place, the support hooks are a bit slow retracting, there is some friction at their entrance holes. But one of the hooks is broken anyway, so they won't be used for supporting the shelf.

I still have an 'acoustic' shelf off an older Delta which

is made from a 50mm thick piece of particle board, made for speakers and is heavy enough to break bigger hooks than the Delta has!

lancia delta reupholstered parcel shelf

The fittings are all replaced securely, the material to the underneath is thin and unobtrusive, and is bonded over the vinyl surround, covering it's securing staples.

The holes are filled in accurately, I can't feel the join through the material.

lancia delta integrale parcel shelf

Our man has done a great job re-covered this parcel shelf, it was just about scrap with those big holes in it.

The reupholstery is a compromise, but the car it belongs to isn't concourse, and the quality of work is excellent.

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