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walkers red evo 2

Giulio bravely bought this smart Evo2 from Walkers, knowing it would need major work. Walkers had the car advertised as 'affordable'!

Many words are applied to Walkers, but affordable isn't one of them!!

red evo2 interior

Giulio travelled to Walkers in Northallerton and bought this good looking Delta Evo2

in October 2016. The car was advertised as 'affordable', Giulio bought the Evo

expecting it would need major work, he wasn't disappointed!

It's quite a low mileage car, with a genuine interior and the standard Evo2 features.

Giulio could see the potential of making a really good Evo2.

walkers red evo2
lancia delta on spit

This Evo ran well enough, but Giulio says the bodywork was very rough around the edges.

When he got the car home, Giulio stripped it completely, down to a bare shell.

He mounted the car on a rotating frame and stripped off the underseal and paint to see the shell's true condition. The rear floor and rear arches needed the most attention, but the underneath required attention all over.

So after 4 weeks work under the shell, the lower parts were ready for some paint. Giulio used red coloured Upol Raptor on the bare metal.

integrale speedo

74000kms is only about 46000miles, so this genuine Evo is well worth saving properly.

The Delta's oily bits are good and tough, so the car has plenty of life left now it's being looked after to a high standard.

evo2 seam sealing
evo 2 under painting

I was shouting 'mind that driveway' too!

Lovely seam sealing

U-POL RAPTOR is new to me, it's a urethane structural 2K 3:1 protective coating giving a textured finish.

Giulio has painted the underparts with this new U-pol product, the coating is protective and durable with a textured finish,

it seems to stick to any substrate. It looks good on this Evo, and it can be painted over if required.

U-pol says Raptor will remain flexible, and it's a durable barrier against damp and rust.

That sounds good, and the finish looks good too, people are painting whole vehicles in the Raptor product.

Click on images to visit U-pol site

Giulio's Evo2 shell right at home on the back of a Tranny, where all the best things happen!

delta on a transit
`raptor paint
lancia delta cam cover painted

The cam cover was refinished in Raptor too,

it looks impressive material.

So with the shell repaired and painted down below, Giulio wasn't planning to, but will now give the shell a coat of paint on top. As it's all stripped that's a good idea.

It'll be more than a 'coat' of paint you can be sure!

It's a great pleasure to see a Delta being rescued, and this Evo2 is going to look good, we'll keep in touch with Giulio and report on the car's progress

Raptor's textured finish

Trannies and Deltas were made for each other!

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