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Water Pump

Water pump replacement

the easy way, with the

engine out.

Windscreen washers blocked

Gunk has no favourites

Brake fade

Boost trouble

Overboost valve problems cured.

MOT test time

It's that time again!

Fuel pump electrical issues

Engine installation problems

Mirrors in pieces

New fuel pump fitted

Our Hilux rebodied

Sunroof repair

Which way does my bar go?

That's not the owner I'm sorry!

Please reload

Barry's money saving propshaft bearing replacement

Starter motor

Like a challenge?

New battery fitted

Roof lining sag fixed

Sagging roof lining removed, regaled & refitted

Headlights working, but not as they should.

Heater valve leak fixed

A window problem solved

Another window problem

Sticking caliper

Refurb and back to original

Fitting original struts

One direction!!

Dig deep!

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