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Shakin' that ass!

Friends of this site Jason and William finally got to meet at a Cars & Coffee in Connecticut.

This venue is quite local to Jason, but a good 2 hour journey north from NY for William.

William has the red Evo 1 with the lovely interior, Jason owns the equally interesting Lord blue 8v Delta. Both cars are familiar to readers of this site, and the Evocorner Forum.

Like a troublemaking teen, I encouraged Jason to have a Delta shoot-out with William, sensibly he didn't. The two gentlemen met, talked, and compared cars, William had driven a long way, the traffic local to the venue was bumper to bumper, and the weather was damp also.

Jason sent me a report of the meeting, and lots of interesting pictures.

Jason confirms that it was awesome to have both the cars together on the road, but that most of the people lucky enough to see that phenomenon didn't know what the cars were!

integrale dash

Pull up to my bumper baby! Two little wild ones hemmed in by a modern traffic jam

Jason reports that the Evo's fenders are plastic, but his 8v's are the original metal items, he also noted the extra width of the Evo's bodywork.

Jason says that even though the Evo is wider, and worth twice as much as his 8v, the basic functions are the same, and the rear trunk carpet still delaminates the same on both cars! From the rear end both cars look the same, except for the wing on William's car, but Jason noted the changes to the Evo front end. As a native of giant Euro compliant licence plates country, I personally really dig the smaller, colourful US plates, and the romantic state titles they have.

lancia delta 8v & Evo1

How good it must be to have such a small licence plate!

lancia delta 8v interior
lancia delta Evo 1 deluxe interior

Never mind the quality! Interior trim updated on the Evo, but not by much!

lancia delta 8v engine bay
lancia delta evo1 engine bay
Jasons Delta

Jason's smart, factory finish Lord blue 8v shown above is a handsome car,

and rare too.

The engine shots to the left show both cars have air con. I read Jason's comments on the Evo's crowded engine bay, but it's no holiday in the 8v either!  

Jason was surprised at the difference in values of the 2 cars, aware that he could own 2 8vs for the price of one Evo. The driving experience probably wouldn't be that different either. Jason very recently serviced and updated his 8v's turbo unit, so the car probably goes like a rocket!

Our man also noticed how much easier his 8v engine is to work on, Jason admired the glam of the Evo, but wondered how much extra weight it carried. I'm not sure if Wlliam's car has air-con or not, but that would definitely make maintenance harder. (I checked the pics, and it does have a/c).

william & jason deltas

Jason and William had a good safe meeting, I think they both parted with plenty to think about.

Jason will update this report soon. 

I would say that the site of 2 of the rarest cars in the USA together in one place,

was certainly more entertaining than any number of rear engined German cars!

For those of you who like German cars, and who doesn't!!

Here are more pictures Jason took of some pretty impressive motors

at the Cars & Coffee

We thank Jason and William once again, and look forward to

Jason's full report.

No pressure big guy!

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