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big dug fixing

My workshop shelving was beginning to bend, it was a light, metal, multiple shelf unit with 6 metal shelves. There was a lot of stuff on the unit, and even though it was fixed to the wall it was looking dangerous.

If the shelf collapsed, it would fall onto our lovely Evo2 parked

next to it, so action was called for.

The name that comes to mind for shelving is of course Big Dug.

There are plenty of ads for their products in our magazines of interest.

I looked at the Big Dug website, it's easy to view, and simple to select your choice, I chose an Ultra 265kg 'industrial' shelving unit.

This is 1800mm high, 1500mm wide and it has 6 shelves with MDF panels, each 450mm deep, the frames are metal, British metal it says, and are powder coated blue, with the shelves in natural finish.

This cost £138.00, including carriage, the goods took 3 days to arrive via TNT, a timed tracking link is not offered by this TNT service, so it was an 8-6 job. Although the shelving did arrive at 1.00 o'clock.

The unit arrived in 2 packages, the shelf planks cardboard wrapped, which allowed the light MDF panel's corners to be damaged a bit.

The frames arrived in the 2nd pack, I was bit surprised how light

they were, 'Big' they are not!

The 4 corner uprights are each in 2 sections, with a joining clip in the middle, again a bit of a disapointment. 

The shelving is straightforward to assemble, I followed the instructions carefully for a change! The light metal clips need care to locate, but a bang with a rubber hammer engages them well. The frames were soon assembled and the 1/4in shelves in place. The shelving is light enough to easily move into place, sliding on its plastic feet.

Expectation is a cruel mistress, I expected the

'Big Dug' name to refer to the shelving, it doesn't! 

The frame is light and not as stable as I'd hoped.

As advised I screwed the unit to the wall, so it's well secured, the units are as strong as they need to be, no more.

I do however like Big Dug, the next day I received an email from them offering free delivery on shelving,

I'd just paid £20 for my delivery, so I complained,

and they put £20 back on my card.  Result!

Packages delivered


Erecting as per


Lower section


Rubber mallet


2 small pegs locate

in the uprights for

each shelf rail

Shelf completed and loaded up.

It's not as close to the Evo as it looks,

but I'd better move the car over a bit!

Smart looking

completed shelf unit

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