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The bearing detective


Continuing Barry's mission for value, I'd like to share a few pictures of his recent rear wheel bearing renewal.

Before I talk about value, let's have a look at Barry's lovely rear suspension. You'll see the fine workmanship and cleanliness, the refurbished driveshafts are a work of art!

lancia delta driveshafts

You will also see the lower poly bushes with the powder coated hub and components. You'll notice the adjustable tubular tie bar and the blasted and refinished channel bar. The long bolt through the bottom of the hub is like new, and has been installed with copper grease so it can easily be removed in the future if required.

Looking under his lovely Delta

shows us Barry's work is

always of the highest standard,

and something we should aspire to.

lancia delta rear hub
Integrale rear hub

While we're down there we can admire the braided brake pipe and lacquered caliper, you'll notice the bronze finish wheel nuts too.

Barry's greatest triumph however, is finding the correct wheel bearing for the Delta rear hubs at only £17, these are over £26 at our regular suppliers.

Lancia Delta rear hub bearing

I'll make a note of Barry's low cost parts findings on the home page. Please let us know if you have any tips on cheaper equivalents, and we'll start a data base of these items.

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