Oil cooler

Another lesson learned!

I recently ordered a new oil cooler from Tanc Barratt, this was for an Evo1.

The item came, with new pipes and fittings, and I fitted it to the Delta. It wasn't the same

as the old one, so started another lesson!

Integrale oil cooler

Here's a photo of our new Tanc Barratt oil cooler placed on the

Evo's radiator mountings.


The old oil cooler is on the floor, you'll notice the bottom pipe is straight on the old unit, and the new one's bottom pipe is bent.

As you know there's a small bracket to support the lower pipe, this now wouldn't reach the new pipe.

I rang Tanc with the indignation of someone who thinks they've been wrongly sent a bent pipe! Tanc of course wasn't wrong, and he patiently explained why the oil cooler pipe was

different but correct.

Tanc explained that Evo1s were produced with either a sunroof or air con, neither both, but always one or the other. To make room for the air con condensing radiator and its pipes, the lower oil cooler pipe was kinked a bit as you can see here. All Evos had

the modified lower pipe.

Our Evo is one of the early homologation cars, so it has neither sunroof or air con, but does have the water bag. Which Tanc said is good for about a mile of squirting!

These early cars were produced using as many left over 16v parts

as Lancia could get away with, the 16v oil cooler has a straight bottom pipe so our car, not requiring an air con rad, may have been fitted with the 16v cooler from new.

Or, just as likely, the Evo might also have been stuffed into a hedge and a 16v cooler fitted in place of the original.

Lancia Delta Evo1 radiator

Here's the new oil cooler fitted with the plastic air scoop in place,

it of course all fitted perfectly. I made a metal strip support

bracket to reach the lower pipe.

It's always a pleasure to speak to Tanc Barratt, he patiently explains what's what. His lifetime's knowledge of our

little cars is freely given, and is always of great value.


Thank you Tanc, every day a school day! 

This is DYR's original Evo1 oil cooler installation, showing the

small support bracket.

New installation with longer fabricated

support bracket.

Tanc's workshop

Not our garage I'm afraid!

Lovely view inside Tanc's workshop.

Lancia Delta Evo1

We've owned this Evo1 for many years, it had

a hard life before we bought it, being well used and

knocked about, like most Deltas.

We've had many adventures in the car, and I've got to know the car well, inside and out. It's a fast car and our

adventures will continue!

The car is MOTd, and I've booked it in for a wheel alignment,

 and an ecu Co2 adjustment, so we should be able to enjoy

a summer of fun.

I've swapped DYR's ecu for another, known to be good,

Evo1 ecu. I've sent DYR's away for repair, I'll report on this when the unit returns.


Next report,

reconditioned ecu.

Let's see how that goes!

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