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A bargain

This is to report that bargains are still out there!

Here's a 16v way up in Aberdeen listed on Ebay.

We are on 25 August 2016.

This is a white 16v car, with a sun roof, it's a little worse for wear, but ready to be saved

ebay lancia delta
ebay lancia delta 2

This 16v needs some headlamps, a boot carpet, rear bumper clip and some panel work. I am, of course, not able to see underneath the car, so I don't know how rusty it is, but I would expect it has it's fair share of corrosion.


The strut tops don't look bad though, so let's be optimistic. And the bodywork has a ding or two, but also doesn't look too bad. There is some corrosion on the tailgate, which may mean more hidden rust.

The car has a sunroof, which has been untested by the vendor, and a fuel pump issue of some kind. So nothing unusual for a UK 16v of this age.

ebay delta interior

The main feature of this car is the right hand drive. This might, or might not, be a bad thing. If this little car was bought and put away as a long term project, and worked on over the next 5 years, when it was finished it would be so valuable RHD wouldn't matter.

Things may have changed by then, and driving on the UK side might not be so unpopular. Like Japanese import Deltas, these are almost preferred now, despite their differences from Euro cars.

ebay delta engine

This genuine looking 16v has leather seats from an Evo1, but the rear bolsters are still grey, the RHD conversion looks neat on the dash, and all the interior seems to be in order.

Some wiring issues look to be present, and as mentioned, the sunroof is untested

The car has had new brake parts, a new clutch, and despite its grim appearance, the vendor reports an engine rebuild at some time.

Click on Ebay to visit listing

ebay delta tailgate

This 16v is £4200 at present, so I say, get a trailer, pack a lunch, and get up to Aberdeen and grab a bargain!

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