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Inside the Delta edition, featuring Mark Holland's

very tidy yellow Evo2. With some great action shots.

Subscription copies of CRM have special edition covers,

newsagent edition of the Delta issue shown left, the copy Gavin

posted to me was a subscription issue, cover shown to right.


As usual I'm late to the party, but I've been enjoying reading Classic. Retro. Modern. magazine.

This new publication features an enjoyable selection of cars and motoring subjects, 

pretty much as the title suggests.

Gavin of CRM magazine very kindly sent me a copy of issue 8, which I had missed on its publication, and is now out of print. I needed to read this as it features Mark Holland's fine yellow Evo2. This was an interesting and descriptive multi page article,

featuring great colour shots of Mark's Evo, and a writer who understands our favourite car.

Classic Retro Modern

Classic. Retro. Modern. magazine is a quality publication, using coated paper and staple free perfect binding. The printing is clear and the photography of high quality, the magazine is

satisfying to handle, and smells lovely too.

An outstanding feature of CRM is the graphic style. This is clear and confident, using bold illustrations and a minimum of different typefaces, which is easy to read and gives the magazine a unique confident appearance.

CRM's written content is enthusiastic, optimistic and educational, with no bias towards any time period of vehicles or their owners. Style and humour are enjoyed, with full size reproductions of past motor related advertisements.

Engineering and vehicle designs are discussed with knowledge, CRM relates to

us all, young, old, fast or slow. You should buy a copy if you can find it,

it's available on line if you can't. You'll enjoy it!

Classic Retro Modern 8
Classic Retro Modern Evo2

Technical issues and motor nostalgia

are happily featured together.

Classic Retro Modern Bedford

Here's a video of a nice young fella reading R.C.M 

Thanks for looking, best wishes from us here.

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