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a Canadian trip

Quebec is a beautiful province of Canada, the remaining French speaking area of that great country, Quebec City is the handsome historical centre of the province. However, it snows in the winter, and the winters are long, the snow gets deep! Not the place you expect to find a Lancia Delta dealer.


Quebec is home to Numero-1, a depot in Canada for Italian cars, on display are Alfa Romeos and Lancias. Cyril and Sara take great care in preparing the cars for sale, and a good selection of cars is available.

Numero 1 Lancia Quebec

Numero-1 in Quebec

Numero-1 cars are all rust free vehicles and look like new. The cars must be from warm locations, an Italian car living it's winters in Quebec would soon have disolved! 


Canada's west coast is much different, Vancouver has long warm summers and mild winters. I met one of Cyril's customers over there, who bought a nice white Evo1 from Numero-1. This is another car that is sound in the body, and perfect underneath. It has black leather seats, gunmetal wheels, and Lancia graphics.


Cyril and his team prepared the car well, so it looks and smells like a new car.


A solid Evo1 pictured in Vancouver, red cam cover and dark wheels easily remedied. A very unusual car to see in Canada, Cyril is doing a good job educating the Canadians about the benefits of Lancia Delta ownership.



Back at Cyril's in Quebec I looked at the selection of Alfas, which includes an Alfa Romeo Zagato, all these cars are well prepared and looked great.


Cyril showed me his own Delta, this is the Evo2 below right, and at the top of this page. This car is beautifully turned out, the Martini livery looks good, and the mods are well made.


Cyril takes his Evo out on the winter ice for some sideways frozen lake action, he damaged the front bumper in a snowbank last winter, a braver man than me!

This Evo1 for sale

You'll see the vent trim on Cyril's Delta front wheel, these are fibreglass moulded by himself, they are a work of art!

Cyril's fibre moulding skills are top class, he's building a large in and outlet air box mod, with a straight turbo feed that doesn't need the intercooler to be moved. When these are ready you'll be able fit the pipes to your own air box.


Cyril's also made his Evo's little mirrors and the 4 spotlamp front mount and cowl, which are perfect Lancia Rallye replicas. Under the bonnet the mods continue, no ABS, heater box size reduction with a bulkhead removal which frees up so much space, the starter can be removed from the top! There are lots of other mods too, all carefully produced.


Numero-1 are passionate about Deltas, and they always have a good Integrale or two for sale. The Martini Evo1 pictured above is for sale, it's perfect of course!

These pictures show Cyril's Evo heater box size reduction, as always the work is beautifully done.

The heater box is reduced in size, but with a smaller fan it works as before, it gets cold in Quebec and Cyril needs to keep warm!


The air inlet is moved to the passenger's side a bit, and the hood vent opening is moved to match, so fresh air is fed from outside as before. Lancia's own heater tap is after the water's gone through the heater, so Cyril has installed taps in the heater water feed, to stop the hot water before it goes in, and making for cooler summer driving. 


This new box, and the cardboard bulkhead removal,

reveal so much space it's amazing, Lancia should have done this years ago.


You'll also see Cyril's large air box to turbo feed pipe, the abs removal, and the lovely polished tanks. The fit and finish in this engine bay are something to enjoy, it's a real compliment to Cyril and his workmanship.


A correct size battery isn't available in Canada, the terminals are all flat bolt through type. Cyril will address this next, you can be sure it will look great!

Numero 1 Delta engine mods
Numero 1 small heater box

Quebec city

Click on this address to visit Numero-1

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