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On the first drive out in our white Evo, all was going ok until the low water light came on. I knew the water level was ok, because I'd just filled the tank, so it must of course be electrical.

At the next stop I wiggled the joint and wires to the header tank sensor, that worked for a while, but the light soon came back on. Back home again, I had a proper look.

On this car there has always been a Scotchblok connector on the black and green wires, just before the joint to the expansion tank water level sensor. I suspected this fitting was faulty, so I pulled it off. It didn't actually join any wires, so I figured it was for an extra fitting sometime in the past.

I checked the Lancia joint and levered the sensor and its rubber seal out of the hole in the header tank, I turned it upside down and started the car, but the light stayed on.

I pulled the foam float off, but there are no visible parts to repair.

The inner workings of the sensor remain a mystery!

I then realised that the Scotchblok had been fitted to join the feed and return wires together, to complete a circuit and keep the warning light out. 

A previous owner had cooked up a remedy instead of replacing the faulty sensor.

Water level sensor, kaput

A 3M Scotchloc, not to be trusted

The ingenuity of an Integrale's previous owners always amazes me!

It's always the previous owner too, as if we would do such a thing!

Scotchbloks are the devil's dumplings of electrical fittings anyway,

they should never be trusted, they can't even be trusted to keep

a cock-up secret!

I have cut the green and black wires where the block was, twisted them together and insulated them to make a complete circuit, so the warning light will stay out, and returned the sensor to its hole.

I can imagine hammering down the motorway, the bottom radiator hose blowing off and me not knowing because the warning light isn't working.

But I won't leave it like this for long!


A new sensor is easily available from AE car, so I'll order one very soon,

there's a new joining connector fitted to it, so I'll use the long wires left on the

old connector, and solder and wrap them to repair the cut wires properly.  

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