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We have a visitor from Spain, he came on a trailer and blocked a few driveways while being unloaded. He had travelled across Europe from Spain, stuffed up at the front of an 8 car transporter. This brave Delta had a difficult time in Spain, being isolated from his owner during the covid lockdown, and subject to unwanted

attention from swarthy locals.

Rupert has trusted us to get this car back in order, so let's get it off the transporter first.


The car may look a bit ass heavy, this is due to the gearbox, final drive, 2 x exhausts, and the engine being in the boot. It also meant the car couldn't drive off the trailer by itself, it had to be winched off. The leads for the portable winch only reached half way along, so we had to use the Hilux to pull it off all the way.

This worked well, I was steering the Delta and Gary was driving the Hilux, Gary gently pulled the little car down the ramp, the Delta's brakes worked so I was able to

slow it down OK.


Every time I use the Hilux I admire its reliability and adaptability,

the Delta's brakes were stuck on, but in low 4 wheel drive the Hilux overcame any Italian resistance and shoved the Delta where we wanted it.

With all the car's running gear and a few spares inside the car, it was a bit of a squeeze actually getting in to steer it, but we got it off and on to the road.

Gary made the driver a cup of tea, and we waited until he'd finished and tidied up his straps and things, then he drove off and unblocked our driveway. We were able to use the Hilux again to pull the Delta up the drive, then using my rigid towing bar I reversed the Delta into the garage.


Peter unhooking the tow bar, and Gary putting some air in the flat tyres


This has been a well loved car, Rupert used it every day for several years. I'll get started stripping it down, I'll keep you informed of progress.

It had been raining when we unloaded the car, so I took a broom and brushed off the light coloured Spanish dust, it rained again and gave the car a rinse. When the car was in our unit I was able to look inside, the tailgate lowered on to my head of course!

With the broom again I held the door up, the car was indeed full, no wonder it was down on its springs. Rupert had loaded the car carefully for its journey, although it looks full nothing was damaged, and with lots of cardboard down the seats were ok too.


I lifted out the final drive, gearbox and the engine with my engine crane, resting the engine on a wheel trolley so I can move it around. 

Also in the boot was a large box with a set of four new springs and gas shocks, the original exhaust and a new sports rear silencer.


With everything out of the back I could get the Delta on our ramp and

have a proper look around it.


The car is quite well preserved, there's rust in the usual places, but as you can see, the Delta has had plenty of attention. I'll check around and make some notes about what's required, but a major problem is the damaged

rear cross member.

You will see there is damage underneath, it seems to have been dropped or harshly lifted in it's loaded condition, this has crushed the box section and bent the boot floor. This'll need pulling out on a jig.

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