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Rust on a Delta is usually worse than it looks.

We are optimistic that it's not too bad, but dig in

and it'll be serious!


This is the roof of our 16v, slight bubbles were touched in

for a few years, then it had to be addressed. The fold at the

end of the roof is a join of 3 layers, damp outside and condensation

running down the inside keeps the area moist, and it gradually rusts from the inside. So what is visible outside will not show the full extent of the damage.


Pete ground away the previous filler, and cut away the metal.

Leaving as many bridges as possible to keep a line on the curve,

the roof has a gentle curve which is difficult to re-create.


With the rust cut out, metal was formed and folded, then welded into place. Using no6 welding wire allows the power to be turned up without burning through the bodywork, the weld was then ground off and with a light skim and a bit more prep, it was ready for paint.


This sounds easy, but it's a nasty job, which needs a lot of patience. It can easily go wrong so when the tailgate is refitted, it doesn't line up with the roof.


A repair panel is available on Ebay, or at

I might use one of these next time. However, Pete did a great job on this repair, he painted the whole roof, the finish is perfect and the colour match too.



rusty Delta roof ready for repair
Delta roof after repair
cutting rusty Delta roof
rusty Delta roof
Delta scuttle after repair

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Delta scuttle repair 4
Delta scuttle repair 2
Delta scuttle repair 1
Delta scuttle repair 3

Another common location for rust is the scuttle. There's a water drain vent here, and on the tailgate too, again it will be worse than it looks. The Delta is good at covering up it's body problems until it's almost too late!


The windscreen has to come out, the chances are it'll be cracked in the corner anyway, with the body flexing. with a shield for the dash, I cut away the rust and made up a little patch. The windscreen rubber covers the inside edge of the repair, so I could make the patch myself.


Again protecting against weld spatter, I welded patches in on both sides, this worked well, I ground the lumps down, then off to Pete's for skimming and painting.


I picked the car up a week later, and it was perfect, a lovely shape to the repair and a great finish. Next was a new screen, the supplier said only brown tint screens are available now, but that's ok, they fitted it and the screen looks good.


Of course I lashed on the Waxoil, squirting in all the corners, and everywhere else while I'm at it. Wherever

the little car parks it leaves a sheen of oil under it, lucky I don't smoke or it would go up in flames! .



It's not too popular, making our cars smell and all, but I do like a well Waxoyled Delta. Modern cars mostly have rust traps designed out of them, but an old Italian car is like a Naples back street! Full of nooks and crannies.

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