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An Integrale's sump has a hard life, it's low to the ground and is exposed to pot holes and loose rocks. It can also hit the dirt hard after an enthusiastic jump, by a previous owner of course!

For some time Barry has had a small but continuous drip of oil coming from the corner of his sump pan. Not from the sump plug,

or the edge gasket, but from the sump material itself.

Integrale sump pan

Barry's sump was a bit dented, as can be seen below.

It had previously been 'repaired' with a not very tidy bit of braizing 

around the sump drain plug.

The sump plug threaded hole had been replaced with

a new one braized in.

Why this was done Barry couldn't tell, but the drip needed to be fixed.

sump plug

Barry drained the engine oil, removed and cleaned the sump pan, then used a sanding disc to remove the old outside paint. This revealed the poor braising, and a couple of spot welds just where the oil was dripping from.

Barry decided to replace the the sump pan. He found and bought a used item on ebay, then a new sump came on line in Germany, Barry bought this one too, paying a reasonable £60 for the new one.

The new sump was eventually delivered, Barry was pleased that the package included a new gasket, and a new sump plug. Barry lightly rubbed down the outside of the new pan and gave it a few coats of Plasticote gloss black. This allows the new sump to match the 8v's spotless underside!

After a few days the paintwork was hard and the sump ready to fit. Barry gave the oil pick up gauze a good cleaning, then he fitted the freshly painted sump pan using the new gasket with a smear of black gasket cement. Barry used a new set of M6 bolts with the cleaned original oval washers, and screwed in the new sump plug.

N O S sump pan

New old stock sump pan, sale included new gasket and sump plug,

seller from Germany sent business card too for future purchases. 

repainted sump pan

Sump perfection!

Barry's careful preparation and a few coats of Plasticote result in a beautiful object.

The factory  spot welds for the

oil surge baffles can be seen,

a baffle may have previously come loose on Barry's sump, and too high voltage used to weld it back on, thus burning a pin hole in the sump pan metal.

inside Barry's sump

Barry gave the sump pick up gauze a good cleaning while he was under the car.

I once suffered oil pressure plunges on a Delta,

Tanc helpfully suggested it was the oil pick up

mounting gasket failing, he was right!

Cautiously allowing the gasket and sump to settle in to their new home, Barry refilled the oil next day. The new sump has a low gloss finish which perfectly matches the original, the pan looks lovely in place. It's certainly rare to see a Delta sump with no damage,

and best of all it's drip free.

Integrale sump pan

Barry's new sump pan installed, he used new bolts, and gave the new cork gasket a smear of black gasket cement both sides. The Delta now has the sump it deserves!

Once again Barry's standard of workmanship is top class, something we should all aspire to.

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