lancia delta in garage

Our prince Charles once called a housing development 'A massive carbuncle on the face of a well loved friend',

our Evo is a well loved friend, who does keeps making demands on my friendship!

However, it does have two carbuncles which need fixing, urgently.


Lancia Delta Integrale fights a loosing battle against rust,

the Delta was designed a long time ago, before rust traps

were addressed at the drawing board. The Integrale required strengthening to withstand its greater power, making more double skinned rust traps. The car is also Italian, where it's sunny and nobody cares about rust anyway!

rusty lancia delta

So...with the motor out of our Evo, it's a good time to have a look in the engine bay. There are rust holes on both suspension struts,

I started to dig in the offside hole, a small burst in a common place on the suspension turret.

I hoped it would be a simple repair, cut out the rusty bit and plate it. This wasn't to be, we know how our Deltas hide their corrosion 

until the repair is a major operation, this was one of those repairs.

The rust had started behind the inner wing suspension support frame, and spread upwards unit it appeared at the top.

Difficult to see under the wheel arch, impossible to see with the

wing liner in place.

I ended up removing the suspension, and cutting away the lower parts of the suspension top mounting frame, cutting out the rotten inner wing, and inside the chassis rail too.

Fabricating a new inner chassis rail section, inner wing plate, and making new parts for the suspension mounting.

This little burst of corrosion on the suspension strut is quite common, there are several joins and rust traps on the inner wing side which invite corrosion.

I was surprised how bad mine was, it's well hidden from an inspection. So if you suffer from this inner wing rust blob,

don't ignore it!

After scraping off the underseal with a hot air gun,

this was the view. The hole cut by me is seen at the top, but the suspension mount frame doesn't look too bad. It is bad though, with the inner wing behind it rotted through, and structurally weakened.

This car has an mot, and not my regular easy going man either, the car had an alignment and mot together 6 months ago.

Have a look on Youtube if you like, there's a vid of the operation here.


I've got to do the other side next, and I can't get the pipes off the brake box thing, my fancy brake pipe spanner is rounding the pipe fitting nuts, advice would be welcome!