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If you've got to break down, this is the place to do it!

Hong Kong

We welcome Matthew to the Delta Force

Matthew Lam Wai Hang lives in Hong Kong, and owns this rare RHD 16v Lancia Delta. This is a 1990 car, originally supplied by the Hong Kong Fiat and Ferrari dealership. At that time it was 1 of only 4 Lancia Deltas in the territory.

This car was Matthew's Dad's when it was new in 1990, and, not surprisingly, it made a lasting impression on the young Matthew.

His Dad sold the car, and some years later Matthew located the car in storage, and bought the car back into the family.

After purchasing the Delta, Matthew refurbished his car, fitting many new parts and seals, new tyres and a cam belt. After 3 months of happy motoring the cam belt snapped and left Matthew with a scrap motor. But it sounds like Matthew isn't the kind of guy to give up! He ordered a new engine from Walkers, this new engine is at the port awaiting transfer to Matthew.

Here Matthew's renewing the Delta's fuel pump, that looks like a serious amount of dirt in there

As Outkast said, what's cooler than being cool? Here's your answer!

The last picture is of Matthew and 16v in his friend's workshop, where the engine swap will be done.

This looks like a well equipped facility, and isn't that a dropped Subaru Forester in the background?

We thank Matthew for getting in touch, and wish him good luck with his project.

We'll follow Matthew and the Delta's rebuild, and keep us all posted on his progress.

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