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The future!

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The global car industry is in turmoil, huge companies being run by mature males who are afraid of their shareholders. All unable to face the reality of a

changing world.

The global readjustment is influencing all motor trade activities, sales are down in most sectors. Large motor dealers going out of business, Chinese electric car

start-ups are closing, Dyson have abandoned their electric car plans. 

The economical diesel engine is shown to cause harmful pollution,

and not be quite as economical as we thought!

Anyone who travels on our roads can see there are simply too many cars.

The old fashioned mass production model can't be sustained.

Turning to our chosen brand, Lancia, the Delta has been seen as a certain way to make a good profit, by us all, me included.

An example of attempted profit taking in these modern times is shown by the innocent 16v shown here. This perfectly respectable red car was originally in Japan, then in New Zealand, then in the UK, where it is now for sale at a trade outlet.


On ebay this Delta reached bids of £18,600.00, that didn't reach its reserve, so it wasn't sold, you might think that was a fair price at this time. The car was relisted, reaching £16,600.00 with 50 bids, so no sale again. I did notice this Delta on carandclassics in an auction house ad, but it's not on now. The car has since

been relisted on eBay.


There may be many costs which need to be paid for with this sale, not least shipping the car around the world, I keep my fingers crossed for the vendor. 

red 16v integrale

The Delta which is referred to in the text,

for sale on ebay

Basically a nice car, but the previous owner

just couldn't leave it alone.

integrale leather interior

A nice, but non-original

leather interior

red delta mud flaps

Beautiful paintwork,

with mud flaps to match

integrale engine

Cheerfully detailed

engine components


The possibility that fossil fuel powered cars might be banned altogether has required a new sense of reality. People like me, who have a small stock of our wonderful Lancia,

mine as a hedge against miserable savings interest, will need to look at the future

with a new reality.

The days of being sure of a fat profit are over, so we can now settle down and enjoy our Deltas as nature intended, in a more relaxed way. Not obsessing on the car's bottom line.

I look at the future of our Deltas as optimistic, we can enjoy our little bombshell's fun and performance, without worrying too much about its residual value.

evo1 inspection

A person could say that the biggest cause of pollution was car manufacture. Using an older car and public transport is the most environmental method. I doubt governments will listen to this though

Obsessing on a bottom line! Get it?!


Keep loving our Lancias, and

thanks for reading down to here!

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