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Wings off

The wings, or fenders, on a Delta have plasic liners, these are good for keeping mud and spray off the inside of the wheel arches, but they can hold in dampness and hide rust.


A good job for the winter is removing the bumper and wings, cleaning or welding any corrosion, then giving a good coat of Waxoyl. This section will show you how.

Remove the mesh grilles and the radiator grille, unplug the winkers and spot lamps. It's a good idea to label these, I've gone out with winking spotlamps before now.


When that's all done remove the 2 big bolts and draw the bumper forward, it should slide out of the side mountings quite easily.


Place it down carefully on a blanket, so it doesn't get scratched.


You can remove the

spotlamps for cleaning

if you like.

There are allen head bolts down the back of the wing, so put some masking tape down the edges to protect the paintwork

Undo the 10mm head body screws on top of the seam

Then remove the 2 lower bolts.

Remove the plastic wing liners, remember or mark the section that goes on top, where they overlap at the centre top. Disconnect the side winker and the wings will then lift off.

The lower inner wing has a rubber blanking grommet at the bottom, this area is prone to corrosion, if it's still sound give the area a good lashing of waxoyl. Get in all the corners of the wing itself too, be generous and give it all a good coating.

When you're happy all is well, run a bead of mastic down the cleaned inner wing top, carefully put the wing in place and put all the fittings back. Dab wax onto the bumper side mounts, it will help the bumper slide into them.

Put the bumper back on, refit the cleaned lights and grilles, a little matt black on the mesh will do no harm, then refit wing liner plastic parts.

This is a job worth doing, oiling the inside panels is a great protection against rust.

I am certainly a lot happier when caught in summer rain, knowing it's slipping off my oily under parts!

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