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a report from Jason

Good friend of this site Jason, from NY. USA, has ordered parts for his Delta from Deltaworks in Worcester. he was impressed with the help and service from Paul and his team, so Jason has sent a review of Deltaworks' service. Here it is ......

Deltaworks workshop interior

Here it is! My write-up for deltaworks! Quite a positive experience if I do say so myself.


Around the turn of the new year 2018 while trying to network with other integrale owners between Bring a Trailer, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, I came across a post from a gentleman by the name of Paul Cutts. In his post he had mentioned that he was in the process of splintering away from another well-known integrale shop and starting his own shop called Sheriff Street Garage, (and online at ) that would specialize in delta integrales but cater to many other specialty cars as well.


After speaking with Paul for quite some time and garnering his opinions on an Italian made group N replica exhaust for my own personal car, I had gotten a good sense that Paul was not only knowledgeable about integrales but also that he was more than willing to assist in such mundane tasks as troubleshooting the ever so prevalent electronic gremlins that occasionally creep up on us. Turns out 15+ years working on integrales will afford you such knowledge.

I had also been tipped off that Paul had participated in a show called Car SOS on the National Geographic channel. The particular episode he was a part of featured a ground up restoration of a giallo edition evo2 that had been left in a state of disrepair for an extended period of time. After watching the episode and coupling that with the aforementioned troubleshooting he had assisted me with, I felt as though I was in good hands.

As a token of gratitude, I wanted to be one of Paul’s first customers when his online shop was open for business. I had been planning a larger overhaul (more on that in another post) for some time now, and I was willing to give Paul and his new shop a shot; and I am quite glad that I did.

I ordered a plethora of parts ranging from brake pads and rotors to timing belt rollers to clutch assemblies, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt the speed at which they arrived was downright astounding.

In less than 35 hours from the time of purchase completion, everything I had ordered was on my doorstep.  That in itself is borderline appalling as I can barely get a postcard mailed across town in 3 business days.

Think about that for a second: I had a 46 pound package of integrale parts ship from the UK to New York in under 2 days. When you ultimately digest it, realize that this was the slowest shipment I had encountered from DeltaWorks as I had two subsuquent orders of similar size that arrived in 27 and 23 hours respectively.

Again, it’s downright befuddling how fast it arrived to say the least.

On top of that, there were times in the ordering process where I had questions about the parts I was ordering and Paul took the time to walk me through and answer each and every one to insure that I was getting exactly what I needed to get the car running right. As an added bonus, subscribing to the mailing list (aside from giving you heads up on new incoming parts that will be available) provides you with a 10% discount, which for those outside of the UK is a ginormous help when ordering a multitude of parts in bulk.

Fast forward several months and many man hours later and I could not be happier with the final result. Aside from having the parts I was looking for in stock and the speed of which they were shipped, I gained someone I could truly rely on even when I was at my wits end.


Although my integrale is running perfectly now, I’m sure I’ll be calling Paul up sooner rather than later for parts, but thankfully it’s one less thing to stress about.

Part of Jason's delivery shown to left.....                           

                                      ....Jason himself shown to the right!

Jason has wrestled his 8v Delta into submission and shown it who's the boss. His car is far away from it's natural Italian home and any local experts, but Jason's tough love has created a top class Delta, and he's the expert now.

So his opinion counts! 

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