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dash lights


A recent problem arose on an Evo1 which had several dash warning lights not working, and a winker light that worked now and again. Here's what to do when it happens to you.

It's a scary prospect getting access behind the dash, but it has to be done to reach the little bulbs.  The fresh air vent, centre warning light panel and dashboard dial panel all have to be removed. Because this was an Evo1, the speedo drive is electronic, so there's no speedo cable, which makes removal much easier.

A reader told me he found it easier to split the speedo cable at its joint half way down on earlier Deltas to withdraw the dash panel.

The dash is still tricky to reach behind, because of the plugs in the back, but you need the plugs in to see which lights don't work.

This car had no radio fitted.

Lancia Delta dashboard

Here's a youtube vid of how to remove the dashboard

With the dash panel loose and the ignition on, it's just a matter of seeing which bulbs are out. Put the handbrake on, hazard lights, front and rear fogs, heated rear screen etc. should all be switched on, then reach behind for the first bulb that's unlit, twist the plastic bulb holder and withdraw with the bulb.

Electrical contact is made when contacts on the plastic bulb holder contact the copper foil circuit strips when the holder is turned into position. The bulb holder may not make contact here, and it may not be contacting the bulb in the holder, check this out also. Sometimes a wiggle will light it up. The bulbs used are N286 type, these are tiny, and cheap too. Replace step by step, checking with ignition on

at each replacement.

If even a new bulb doesn't fix it, the bulb holder contacts will be dirty or damaged, maybe lost their spring, clean with a q tip and solvent cleaner, and tweak the metal tabs to put the spring back.

removing integrale dash
integrale warning lights

Bulbs are number N286, they're very small!

You can check the weak dash illumination lights too, the green lense covers may be dusty, or a bulb may be out also. When you're happy all the lights are working, put it all back carefully.

I like to check everything each time I put a component back, or even put a screw in, the contacts are very delicate, and can be

upset by anything!

When all the lights are working it's like a lovely Christmas tree, and having your dash lit up is great present.

Integrale dash warning lights

Getting the dash warning lights working is

well worth the trouble, they are quite an

impressive display

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