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Canadian Evo


This handsome Evo1 belongs to Boris, who lives in Toronto, Canada. It looks in beautiful condition, let's find out about it.

Boris imported his Evo1 from Japan in 2013, he bought it at the end of July, which is a lovely warm month in Toronto.

The photos show a gentle suburban scene, but it won't look like that in December! Boris's first born was expected at the end of

July also, so it must have been a busy time!

Boris describes the Evo purchase as an adventure, I would say it was a brave one! The car is a Winner red 1992 Evo1, it's a Japanese Domestic Market car with the 16v style headlights, lower side winker repeaters and the distinctive electric radio aerial.

The car has done 120,000kms.

After Boris's purchase the car the car took about 45 days to be shipped from Japan to the port of Vancouver. That city is of course on the west coast of Canada, quite a direct route from Japan, but the Evo took a long time to arrive. I would imagine that was a bit worrying, being in the hands of a Japanese agent. The car took a few days to clear Canada customs, then it was loaded on a train and delivered 4200kms to Boris in Toronto, about 2 months after his purchase.




A feature of Japanese cars is that their owners in that country can't leave them alone! They need to keep 'improving' the cars.

Boris's Delta has luckily been left in peace and is completely standard, it's rare to see a car from those shores look so fresh and unmolested.

Boris has cared for the Evo well, he keeps it in tiptop condition, the paintwork is lovely, and the wheels are genuine and unmarked. A few stickers here and there

will do no harm!

As Boris tells us, an Integrale is rare in Canada, the winters can be hard in his part of the world, and a Delta wouldn't last too long in the Canadian conditions. 

Delta might be seen at a car show occasionally, but none will be as smart as Boris's car.

Boris has left the Evo alone and not modified it, it remains completely stock. Boris plans to fit silicone hoses to the engine which will cheer it up, and he will refresh the cam cover as the paint is flaking in places.

Boris does report that his car's steering rack is leaking, he's not surprisingly having difficulty finding anyone he can rely on to rectify the fault. It was booked in and seals have reportedly been changed, but Boris doubts the quality of the work. 






Boris is planning some discreet upgrades, such as

a short gear shift kit, and perhaps a later Evo2 steering wheel, with easier horn operations.

Until then Boris continues to enjoy his Evo1,

it is a lovely looking car, which will take some looking after, and a good warm garage for the winter months.

We wish Boris lots of luck with his motoring and

with his young family. A Lancia Delta is pretty much the perfect family hatchback, in my opinion!

but I would say that wouldn't I !

Good luck Boris, and thank you for sharing your car.

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