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Lancia Delta rear parcel shelves have increased in value at an amazing rate,

they've taken on a financial structure all of their own! Our faith in fair play is

restored by Ricambio.



Lancia Delta parcel shelf

With thoughts of expensive Lancia parts, it was a happy surprise to find new parcel shelves are available for Fiat Pandas at £39.95 + vat each.

Our Panda never had a rear shelf, so we found the item for sale on the website. We ordered a new shelf and it was delivered very quickly, carefully packaged in foam and wrapped well. Ricambio is a well known Italian parts supplier, established in 1969, they have a large stock of parts and their prices are very reasonable.

Fiat Panda parcel shelf

The new shelf fitted well, securing straps were included. As mentioned before, the Panda is a good example of creative packaging, everything fits neatly and the little car has nothing you don't need, compare a Panda's useful tidiness to a lumbering

Far Eastern 4x4 cross-over thing.

Anyway, the shelf folded neatly away or clipped up and did its job as a rear shelf, sheltering sacks of fresh vegetables from the hot Italian sun 

fiat panda rear seat fold down
fiat panda rear shelf
Fiat Panda parcel shelf removed

The sturdy shelf has horizontal open hinge type mountings, that slide into fittings on either side of the back seat. The shelf can be removed quickly and used as a picnic table, easily wiped down after a countryside lunch!


Some cars just make you happy, a Lancia Delta is one,

a Fiat Panda is another, the Panda's cheerful personality and it's simple practical layout, make your motoring a pleasant change from modern bulgemobiles.  

And talking of bulgemobiles..  here is the fantastic 1958 Bulgemobile Fireblast, twice the car you'll ever need!

The Bulgemobile range included 'Fireblast', 'Flashbolt', 'Blastfire', and station wagon version called the 'Firewood'! 


These cars feature 'Darestreak' styling and Dyna Jet Thunderamic 6000 V8 power with Triple-Turbine Surgemaster drive,

This is from the National Lampoon 10th anniversary anthology, the monthly American National Lampoon magazine was like a glossy Viz and a full colour Private Eye combined, but in worse taste than both!

Bulgemobile Fireblast

And here is the fantastic Bulgemobile Firewood,

for the man who has everything and just needs

something to carry it in!

Model shown here is the Firewood

Deluxe Supreme Flairthrust 5 door,

6 passenger Special Custom Country-Cousin

Landscape Cruiser Super 5000, in Golden

Buttermilk Sunset Ochre with a Daredash side-spear of

Processlite Camaroon Teak-like inlay.

Bulgemobile Firewood
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