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Foreign correspondent
Information, yes...responsibility, hmmm!

Your foreign correspondent is in the international auto industry, he has a complete and informed view of the latest auto trends, and will give us all an insight into the variety of cars has seen and been messing with.

Our man is at present in Los Angeles, he's monitoring all things

Integrale in the Sunshine State. This gives me, and the correspondent's Mum a good excuse to visit California, as we have reported elsewhere on this site.

In the wide open spaces of the Southern US it never rains, so there is a wealth of rust free cars to be found, all of them happen to not be Deltas!

CARB, is the California Air Research Board, more of this on the next page. No amount of pushing or prodding will get you a Delta on California plates. Florida without question, and we have shown you Deltas popping up all over the US now, but not in California.

V8 engined Vauxhall Firenza
celica supra racing

Our man likes Lancia Deltas, and enjoys his Evo1 when he's in the UK,

but his heart lies with a big motor, 2 doors, and rear wheel drive.

If he can't find one he likes, he'll build his own!

Our man has owned several vehicles of this type, and is currently increasing his fleet in the USA. I'll hand over to him now, the following pages are his reports on US Deltas, and his own motoring adventures.

V8 engined Firenza

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