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More than just a sunroof!

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It sounds like a song coming on!, Alan, who just helped us all

with his sunroof repairing advice, owns this lovely Lancia Delta.

Repairing and refitting the sunroof is only a small part of the work

Alan has done to his 16v, here are some pictures of the car's recently completed repaint, I think you'll agree it looks the biz.


Also looking the biz are the seats, these have been reupholstered in fine Nappa leather, the new stitching perfectly replicating a Lancia black leather interior.


Enjoy the pictures and read Alan's report below. 

PHOTO-2021-10-20-15-49-04 2.jpg
PHOTO-2021-10-20-15-48-42 2.jpg

YYD was one of the last pre Evolution 16v Deltas, it left the Lancia factory in August 1990, to be first registered in Italy in January 1991.The Delta came to the UK in 2006, it was here for 3 months before Alan aquired it.


After enjoying several years of trouble free motoring Alan decided to replace the original worn grey interior. So in 2012 he had the seats and door cards retrimmed in black Bentley Nappa leather. You'll notice this work has been beautifully done, the seats are perfect replicas of the Delta's black leather interior. The careful stitching and perforations are a work of art!

The mot of 2016 showed signs of thinning sills, also when warmed up the clutch was slipping in 3rd gear, so Alan took his car off the road in Aug 2016 to do these 2 jobs. Of course along with new sills the rear wheel arches needed attention too.


Alan removed YYD's engine to address the clutch and oil seal, when the engine was out he took the steering rack off to get it checked, the steering had become notchy occasionally, the rack was indeed faulty, and was replaced with a recon unit.


It was just as well Alan got stuck in underneath, as the brake pipes were about to go. Alan did a full replacement with kunifer pipes, s/steel flexi pipes, new abs components, and a new master cylinder.


Alan then removed all the suspension which was de-rusted, and when cleaned up it was all repainted. 4 new wheel bearings, 4 new cv joints with new ABS rings were fitted, and all bushes renewed with Powerflex units. Alan has just replaced the rear shockers, the front ones will have to wait for little while yet.

PHOTO-2021-10-20-15-48-49 2.jpg

Which brings us up to date in late 2021, where Alan has repaired and re-installed his sunroof. There is also the small matter of a very recent and complete windows out repaint, and retrimming the interior roof lining and sunroof panel. You can never say 'completed' on an Integrale, but this is close!


Alan's car is a handsome example of an Integrale kept to its original condition, while using great care and the best components. 


Alan says he would not have attempted this project without reading coxeey's excellent thread on evocorner, it's been a source of great advice. I would agree with this!

We thank Alan for this information, and we're happy that another pocket supercar has been preserved for the future.

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