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Gandini's simple and striking

Lancia Stratos


August 26 1938 - March 13 2024

Marcello Gandini

We were saddened to hear that Marcello Gandini recently died at the age of 85

Gandini was a car and graphics designer of the old school, using pen and paper to

relay his ideas for production cars to forward thinking manufacturers. Marcello designed the Lancia Stratos, he also created the Lamborghini Miura and Countach. The Alfa Montreal, Fiat Dino coupe and Fiat X1/9 were his work too.


Our personal favourite,

the Renault Master van


Marcello's deceptively simple solution to a complex design brief. To create an exciting and attractive vehicle, while keeping the industrial visual strength

to gain transport operator's confidence.

This was the mk1 Renault Magnum, which set the benchmark for other HGV makers to follow.

A vehicle close to our hearts, the striking mk1 Renault Master van, was designed by Gandini in a unique futuristic style.

Leaving his first corporate design job at Bertoni in Turin, Marcello went self employed and was contracted to Renault. Here the adventurous French management allowed him to flex his muscles and design Bobby's coffee truck vans,

the original Renault Magnum HGV and the mk2 Renault 5.

For Citroen Gandini created the BX, allowing any car buyer to enjoy

good design, and the XM too, among others.

Marcello put his hand to many other outstanding

commissions for vehicles and architecture. One of Marcello's last projects was the Lancia Stola, this was an idea for a modern Stratos. It shows Gandini's spirit of adventure was as keen as ever. Rest in peace.  

Gandini produced a concept for this Alfa Romeo while at Bertoni, the concept was displayed at

Expo 67 in Montreal.

It was popular, and went on sale in 1970 with a larger engine and mechanical changes.

The styling remained largely unchanged

however, with the car being named after 

its first display location.

One of Gandini's last projects was the

Stola S81 Stratos. It was a homage to his original Stratos, revealed exactly 30 years after

the original.

Stola is an Italian car company which makes exclusive individual vehicles, Fiat were not interested in partnering with the S81,

and the concept remains in storage.

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