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Dear reader, you might know I'm fitting an engine into our Evo,

you'll definitely know if an Integrale chooses, it can make your life quite miserable!

The freshly rebuilt engine went into the Evo fine, but the restart has been plagued with leaks, both oil and water.

The connected engine started on the first turn, so I fitted the plumbing and ran it up to temperature. The new rear T piece coolant pipe failed at it's joint and leaked, coolant drained and inlet manifold off to replace. At the next try the stiff old 90o pipe under the thermostat leaked, drain again and replace with a new one. The radiator fan worked first time, but now it doesn't, it works intermittently on high speed, so I will order and fit a

new thermostatic switch.


The refurbished radiator, which doesn't leak, has now been drained

and replaced 3 times! 

Lancia delta thermostat pipe

2nd failure, which required the inlet pipework removing to replace.

Useless pipe

First failure was the new T section coolant pipe coming apart


Which required the back of the engine stripped down to replace.

The small rubber pipe connecting the turbo oil feed seems to have gone porous and leaks oil, now replaced. The oil cooler rear connection to the oil filter block leaked. I removed the oil filter, radiator and took the oil cooler to the bench. The conical fitting seemed pitted somehow, I gave it a rub down with fine emery, with a rag up the pipe of course! It now seems dry.

Radiator off and on again for these two repairs.

integrale oil cooler

The cone fitting of the dripping rear oil cooler pipe seemed a bit damaged, repair needed the oil cooler and filter removed,

oh yes, and the radiator draining and removing again! 

But there is still a persistent oil leak from the back of of the engine, I removed and refitted the cam cover to check the

rubber gasket, but it was ok. There's nothing really to leak oil at the engine's back end, so I looked at the power steering pump,

but the leaking oil was warm engine oil.

So once again I removed the strut brace and bulkhead to have a look, it's very oily down there, but nothing to see from on top.

So I started the engine and lay under the car with a light, there's a fine mist of oil, but impossible to see it's source.

I put my hand up in the gap, and a fine spray of warm oil hit the back of my hand. This spray is under good pressure,

so the only remaining source is the oil pump.

It's looking like my lovely reconditioned engine hasn't had the oil pump installed properly. I'll get back under in due course and report my investigations. If any of you have an experience of this

 problem, I'd like to hear from you.

Integrale oil pump

Here you can see the oil pump before all the brackets and covers are in place, but I think the oil is spraying out of the back, so it might be reachable with the engine left in place. I will keep you posted on this, if you've done this

yourself please email me,

and tell me if it's possible!

Meanwhile, there are much more serious issues.

Me and the team here send our best wishes to you and your loved ones,

take care, don't take chances, and we look forward to a happier future.

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