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Rust never sleeps

Not Lancia rust anyway!

I couldn't let this poor little Ebay listed car sell without a comment!

Click on the image for the Ebay listing

This Delta is in a sorry state, with extensive corrosion. The car did start UK life as a yellow car, it was first registered in October 1995.

If you've done your homework from the PAG page, you'll know the form of the reg plate, I've looked it up, and GP was London.

So this car was imported, into London town, late in 1995. The car is Euro spec, so lived somewhere on the Continent for the first years of its life. The Sedici badge on the tailgate is a German market Evo2 issue.

The last MOT this Delta had was in May 2012, it passed with advisories on tyre tread depth. On the .gov.mot website, it shows this was a retest, 3 days before, the car had failed an MOT on seat belt and suspension mountings corrosion, a poor handbrake, with a broken door handle and tyre advisories.


I'd like the contact of the owner's welder! To repair major rust, reassemble, repaint and submit for another MOT, and pass, in 3 days is good going.


Or give me the address of the 2nd MOT station!

Click box for link to MOT check pages

rusty lancia delta

A sad look for a once proud car

rusty lancia delta sunroof

That roof looks bad

In the 4 years since its last MOT, this Delta has been allowed to decompose as only a Lancia knows how. The rot pictures in the Ebay listing show filler breaking off previous rust skim-overs. As we know, a Delta is good at hiding its rust until it's too difficult to fix. So the corrosion on this car is probably worse than it looks.

Requested engine bay and interior photos haven't arrived, and I haven't got time to visit the car, so the engine and strut tops condition can only be guessed at. If it's the original motor, with 158000kms on it, and that motor's anything like the bodywork, it's history!

HPI free check says it's a yellow car, all that's visible under the bonnet looks black, no yellow cars had cream Alcantara hi-backs either, not from new anyway.

This car is being sold as an Evo2, no Evo2s had sunroofs, Lancia fitted aircon, so decided they didn't need an opening roof. So odd coloured panels, cream hi-backs, sunroof, aftermarket 16in wheels, no engine pics, major rust problems, and a £40,000  price tag. Hmmm again!!

rusty lancia delta back roof

That will be a major repair

rusty delta scuttle

A lot of filler around there

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