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black 16v Delta


I'm always interested in the values of Lancia Deltas, particularly at present, because we have a car for sale ourselves. Our car is an 8v Kat, optimistically priced at £18k.

Our car was joined on Ebay by a few others in that price range, one being a tidy looking black 16v, this being listed at £18,450.00. None of these cars sold, our 2nd classified posting expired, and these classified ads are a bit too expensive to keep repeating, so our car is now on Carsandclassics which is free!

This is another Delta listed on Ebay at around £18k, it's at a dealer in Sussex, it's a UK car with all its paperwork,104000kms, and in original condition.

It remains unsold at £18,495.00

The black 16v finished unsold too, but that car reappeared on Ebay in an auction format, price starting at £11,000. This is a very low starting price for such a nice car, I expected the car to sell quickly. I watched this car's progress, and at the listing's end the bidding had only reached £11,200. 

The listing finished, but it wasn't clear if the 16v had actually been sold, or if they were just shill bids by the seller to get the bidding going.

Nero 16v Delta

This is the black 16v listed for 11k on Ebay.

It's been very well buffed up for its sale.

£11k is a scarily low price for a 16v, Delta values have been 'readjusting' in 2017 to a more realistic level, but some of us have invested in a Delta expecting the value to keep appreciating.

You may have noticed the red Evo1 which was Ebay listed a few weeks ago at £16k. This car was sold within hours of appearing, it was a bit rusty here and there, but well worth the investment - if prices rise again.

Some of the more expensive Deltas, like the FE at Maidenhead shown here on the right, or the Ginster yellow car and it's red Japanese brother at Keighley, remain unsold after a year or more. The cost of storing these cars will outweigh any profit on the cars after such a long time.

FE Evo2 Delta Integrale

To the right is the copy of the black 16v Pistonheads

advertisement, it's a nice looking car and has been well prepared for presentation.

Click logo to visit Pistonheads, on car to visit advert.

                        The car offered for sale today was in daily use                               until 2006 and has done an average of just over 5,000 miles per year to date.  The history file is extensive and reflects just one enthusiastic owner for the last 18 years.
During recent weeks, this car has transformed to one of the very best examples following restoration work at Premium Classic Cars.  All of the suspension has been completely stripped & rebuilt with new Shocks & Struts all around.  The cooling system for the car completely overhauled.  The electrics for the car in parallel overhauled.  A full service and extensive engine detailing / such as to present the engine bay in near new condition, leaves no doubt as to the possible show winning potential of this vehicle.  The fabulous original Integrale wheels have been professionally refurbished & the headlining replaced .
The car now drives just as it should, it is of course super quick & responsive & an absolute blast to drive!
Finished in factory Grigio  Anthracite with cloth interior, the car retains much Integrale patina whilst being in excellent condition.
These cars are increasingly few & far for sale, a car with full history such as this even rarer. This Integrale, possibly the very best on sale in recent times, is not only great value! But arguably a very clever choice as a modern classic with investment potential.
This is now very much an excellent condition classic to drive every day & equally an example to form the basis of a "show queen" if the Summer show circuit appeals. 
The car as offered for sale can very much be enjoyed as is or we are quite able to take restoration to the next level with further paintwork or interior detailing .
Overseas visitors are most welcome and can be collected from all London airports with accommodation arranged.

Pistonheads listing

We now transport you to Ebay in the year 2024,

and 2 red Deltas at contrasting ends of the price range....


This 1988 8v Delta is for sale on Ebay at present,

it has covered 69900 miles and is reported to be rust free. The little 8v has had 10(!) owners, and although the car is RHD, the seller has a spare interior and all the gear to convert it back to LHD.

Private seller, asking price £19,500

Spot the difference? This 1989 16v Delta is also for sale on Ebay at the same time as the above.

It has covered 19000 miles, is reported to be rust free, it has no account of previous owners but has been in UK for 24 years.

Trade seller, asking £65,000

That's quite a contrast in prices, by my reckoning it's £5687.50 per valve!  You could do a lot of improvements with that.

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