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Evo1 body shell
Evo1 body shell

I've watched a few dodgy looking Deltas on sale recently, 

good ones are so expensive now it's making virtually scrap

Integrales worth good money. 

And talking of virtually scrap, this shell just sold for

£15,500.00 on Ebay.

I'm sure the buyer was able to see the shell's potential, and perhaps he has some parts ready to fix on. We wish the new owner the best of luck, and it's going to be a long job.


The seller thoughtfully made the Evo shell into a trailer, which could be towed

to its new home 

The shell itself has had serious corrosion problems, the seller

has done many major repairs to it, there's a series of photos here..

The seller was going to use the yellow car as a time attack racer, but found a better old Delta shell and used that with the Evo parts installed.


The yellow shell was originally dark red, and this must have been subject to a previous major strip down to get that yellow in all the corners.

Evo1 rust
Evo1 body repairs

I have found that some Evo1s rust particularly badly, and even though well repaired, the rust appears again somewhere else.

We've a red Evo1 in at present which has been restored twice in its lifetime. And major restorations too, with windows and engine out and completely repainted each time.


This car again needs some serious remedial work on the back end. 

The yellow shell looks like one of those, even the best welding repairs will be undone by rusting somewhere else.

Here's another car recently sold for good money, this time on Cars and Classics website.

The was described as a 16v, the engine bay was quite messy, but did have a 16v unit fitted.

It's a well worn car with corrosion visible on the front strut tops, what troubled me was the 5 stud wheels, no reason was given for their fitment, or how they were attached to the car.

1990 16v back end

The car was too far from home for a casual visit, so from the pics the steering wheel looked worn but original, with a G reg the car was registered any time from August 1989, so the interior is from a later car.

A new interior isn't unusual, I've done it myself, but the 5 stud wheels are unusual.

I don't know if the car has Evo running gear and has been built up from parts, I'm sure there's a good reason! 

We're being asked to commit a big investment buy a Delta, we must make sure our chosen purchase is legitimate

and genuine. 

Integrale interior
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Thanks for looking, and drive safely.

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