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Green Hornet

Here's a nice Derby green Evo1 belonging to a reader from Germany. This an 8v kat model, made for the environmentally sensitive German, Austrian and Swiss markets. This model has all the features of an Evo1, and basically the same engine, but the cylinder head has 2 valves per cylinder, giving an 8 valve head.

The 8v Kat engine produces a reliable 180 Bhp at 5250 rev/min, 294 NM torque at 3500rev/min. With an AiResearch T03 (60/48) oil lubricated, water cooled turbo (1.0 bar max. pressure) and intercooler, with the 2 valves per cylinder set at 65°, the real world performance of the 8 valve engine is not noticably less than the 200 bhp 16 valve motor. 

Like the16v this car has Weber-Marelli IAW integral engine management (injection and ignition), and a compression ratio 7.5:1. But it has a three way catalytic converter and Lambda sensor.

This Evo1 was bought from JMR-KFZ near Frankfurt,

this is a large and famous Lancia Delta specialist,

well known for quality Delta refurbishment, and top

class rally preparation.

You'll recognise the stone tower which features in JMR advertisements

Our reader owned an Integrale 20 years ago, and lately decided to only buy cars that wouldn't lose money! Cars such as a 911, Nissan GT-R or a Mercedes Benz. He chose right with an Integrale!

The Kat Evo's low emmisions mean the car can gain a 'green' windscreen label. Green in nature, but not always in colour!

Without this decal the car would not be allowed to enter any German city.

For this model year Lancia introduced two new 'Metallescent' colours for the Delta, Madras Blue, and this Derby Green, though a very similar paint was used on the earlier GT ie Delta model.

Keith @ Autointegrale told me one time, that the York and Derby green Deltas were made to appeal to UK buyers, Ha! Some chance, we wanted real colours, red and yellow!

Thank you to our friendly reader from Germany for letting us see his great Evo1, it's a lovely looking car in an attractive colour. I'm sure this Delta will have a happy and secure future.

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