Love my 'Lux

I don't like to go on, but I love my Hi Lux. My Toyota is reliable, strong, and a faithful servant, never complaining at all.  Not like some vehicles I could mention

Hilux loaded
Toyota Hilux in Italy

Our Hi-Lux will do anything I ask of it, hauling heavy loads, pulling cars home from near and far,

even demolition and gardening work.


I'll give it a wash and polish and it's ready to load our bikes and go to Italy, reliably! Not like other cars I could mention, have I said that before?!


Pictured here in 2019 on our regular Italian

Panda spotting holiday. 

Hilux and Panda

The Hi-Lux is on duty as the Delta workshop wagon today,

taking the knocking' Evo engine, and a worn Evo motor

to the engine rebuilders. I'm taking them to ERS in Burscough,

they are a small but very busy engine workshop of the old school.


I haven't used this company before, but they have a good reputation

and are not far from home, so I've loaded up the 'Lux and I'll drive

the 2 motors over. I'll report on progress. 

Toyota Hilux with delta engine
Toyota Hilux

You'll notice a non standard sump on the right hand motor,

this is a Thema sump.

It's a genuine 16v Delta lump which was replaced in its car with a Thema turbo unit, so all the bits had to be swapped on to the Thema engine. The Thema sump is fitted to protect the lower parts.

After the rebuild we'll put it back in the Evo1 it came out of.