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Fitting new struts

I invested in an impact wrench from Machine Mart to do this suspension job.

It was very useful, winding up the spring compressors and loosening the top nuts. I've used it a lot since too, it certainly speeds jobs up.


Just a little tip, mark one end of the strut brace before removing it, so you know which way it goes back. And mark the car too!!

The gas shocks had been removed for some time now, so the car was already on axle stands.

If you're on your own, it's probably easiest to push the strut up into place, then jack there strut up and locate the bolts through the mount on top.

I did this, put the strut brace mounts in place on top of the mounting plate, and screwed on the new

nuts I had obtained.

Integrale ready for new front strut
Delta 2 spanner torque setting
Integrale strut brace plate
jacking up Delta front strut
Integrale strut top
Integrale bottom strut mounting
Integrale suspension sensor wire bracket

Bolts pushed up through mount

Locate the bottom bolts, fit the pipe brackets and do up the nuts, I got some new nylock nuts.

There's a bracket on the back of the strut needs changing too, it's easier to remove with he strut still off.

I like to get these strut fixing bolts good and tight, using 2 spanners to get a last turn.

Wire holder bracket

Wire holder bracket

Two spanner torque setting!

Strut brace plate and new nuts

And that's it, repeat in each corner, then replace the front wing liners and you're done. Refit the strut brace, the right way around! If it doesn't fit easily, don't force it, slacken off the 3 top plate nuts each side, and the bolts'll slot in easily.


The back struts are a bit tricky because they don't swivel, so leave the top nut a bit slack so you can position the 2 bolts. Then tighten them up when you've finished.

I went around with my new tool and gave everything one last go, just to make sure.

tightening Integrale top suspension nut
Delta Integrale front suspension

I was pleased with the result here,

The Delta's ride quality is now easier on the car and the driver. It's still a level and firm ride, but the jerky feel has gone.


Some say a little roll and compliance are good for cornering grip, allowing a more gradual break-away. Although a Delta's grip is so good, if I do lose it I'm already past saving!


Lancia knew a thing or two about cars, and I don't think the original design can be happily improved on.

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