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Sweet as a nut

This Evo1 was made in1992, it was used in Italy until imported by

Walkers of the UK in the year 2000. The buyer at that time part exchanged an 8v Delta for the Evo1, getting £3000 for his 8v,

and paying a balance to Walkers of £7500.

Walkers fitted upgraded brake discs and pads, and some other improvements.

Here's an interesting and good looking Derby green Evo1...

No trouble I hope!

No trouble I hope!

The current UK owner has looked after this Delta since 2014, he tells us the car's paperwork shows that in 2001 this car had a massive front end rebuild costing £15000!

One of the invoices says 'Engine too badly damaged, new replacement fitted'!! It's not documented what actually happened, but it's been fixed pretty good.

This Delta certainly goes well, the motor looks and feels much younger than the car, it's very smooth,

and pulls like a train!

derby green evo1
verde derby evo1

The previous owner was a valeter of quality cars, and looked after this Delta very well. The Derby green paintwork has a lovely deep lustre, the paintwork was clayed and hi-tech polished regularly, and that certainly shows.

However, the owner tells us the hood has suspicious slight dents in the top skin, although no paint is broken, and it's still very shiney.

The invoice from Walkers states 'Grey Alcantara interior', the car has at some time been fitted with a very nice, genuine Lancia, black leather interior.

Our owner's opinion is that long ago, this car suffered a front end trauma of some kind, the engine and front end have been repaired.

This is a very good looking car, I've seen it myself. The paint finish is like new, the colour is lovely, and the brakes, wheels and engine are in great shape.

Only the slight undulations in the bonnet hint at this car's dangerous past. As with most Integrales, this one is keeping quiet about its past life!

verde derby evo1 interior
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