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Integrale Evo1

Let's take a look at this white Evo1 advertised on Ebay, it's listed as a 'light project'.

This is an ex Japan car and has the features we expect in a car from that country,

the car is lowered on non-standard suspension and it has aftermarket wheels, it

appears to have no front wing liners. This Evo has Euro side winker repeaters,

but Japan market headlights, these headlights appear in poor condition.

The grille has no red inserts, spotlights seem to be in place.


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Evo1 rear end
Evo1 engine bay

When first listed, this car's engine bay was a mess, it's been tidied up well now and looks presentable with a lick of paint on the cam cover. The strut top metal looks good, the aftermarket adjustable struts can be seen, the car has air con, and a metal inlet pipe and non standard air cleaner. The engine looks complete.

2 years ago the engine was serviced well, with new water pump and belts, and all fluids changed.


Map of Japan, showing extensive coastline with lots of salty sea.

Japan is admired for not using salt on its roads in winter, however the Japanese islands are surrounded by salt water, and a car living near the extensive coastline will suffer from wind borne sea salt corrosion. This car has a few scabs on the panel corners, we all suspect this indicates more serious rot underneath. The tailgate has rust under the window, covered with a Union Jack sticker.

Japanese car painters don't care, or seem unable to control 

micro blisters in their paint jobs, this is caused by damp trapped under the cured paint escaping to the atmosphere, this Evo's paintwork

suffers with these blisters.

The rear roof has an obvious rust problem, it's been painted over a couple of times, so the rot will be well established. There are 3 layers of metal in there all joining up, with condensation running down the inside to cause hidden corrosion, it's a difficult area to repair. There are no views of the boot floor or washer tank area. There is no Japan spec rear 1/4 mounted radio aerial, there is rear side window tint, which 

a new owner might want to remove.

Evo1 rusty roof
Evo1 rear view

Rusty tailgate under window, rust under front window too

Evo1 interior

Wrongly described as Evo2 seats,

these tip-up Recaros are probably from

a Honda Civic type R car.

The Evo's interior has new black carpets, earlier listing pics showed red door cards, but these are now black. A non standard steering wheel and gear knob with quick shift are fitted.

The front seats are Honda Recaros with tip up back rests, they are covered in a plain grey fabric, the rear seats are original to this Evo1 model. The seller has removed a fitted full roll cage, and reinstated the interior. There is no roof lining and no sun visors, it's not clear if other trim is missing. The dashboard looks good, there is a covered start button next to the gearshift. The roll cage and Evo1 door cards were sold on ebay a year or so ago.

The A pillars have stress cracks the top corners, and there is corrosion

under the front screen.

The ebay vendor hints at the car being a Martini model, that's unlikely, but it's

an interesting car with potential and well worth saving. It'll need 10k investing

to bring up to standard. The car is optimistically priced at £28500 on an

Ebay buy it now.


The vendor has given a full and helpful description, and we wish him luck

with this sale.

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