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This is Jason's very rare and original Lord Blue 8v Delta,

                              it lives in New Jersey USA.


        Jason's report......

I honestly hadnt ever seen a lord blue non evo car (since ive been digging, ive found a TOTAL of one other 8v car, two other 16v, all of them Japanese spec with the exception of one 16v car. (see picture attached)










 If it hadn't been for some obscure french website (which now i cant find -_- ) saying that one of the early pre-pro cars was painted in Lord Blue, I would have thought it was a repaint. Hell, most of the lancia specialist did as well until they saw all the tags were in-place, the car was never dissembled and the paint meter came back even. From everything I understand about the car, it is a regular 8v NON kat, as it was a JDM market car. It was sold new from a dealer in japan, had two owners, and now I am the third.


I bought the car from auction using a agent (so a little of both? lol) I made good friends with an importer here stateside and he had the contacts in japan to ship it over to Port New York and then ultimately i picked it up from there. Oddly enough after never seeing another blue non evo delta, about 2 months after I bought one, he bought one as well! So I went from the only blue 8v delta in the western hemisphere to one of two within a ~100km distance LOL Ive included pictures of his car as well. Its nearly identical except its an 89 8v JDM spec car and has about 10-15000 more miles than me. (if i remember correctly). Oddly enough we havent had a chance to meet up and take pictures yet, and with the winter approaching, I dont think its going to happen this year :(


The auction though was interesting, I got the detailed pictures I was looking for at 4:30am local time, and had a half hour to wake up enough to take a look at the pictures and figure out a bidding price for it. It was interesting to say the was that day at work. No one could figure out why I was dragging my arse


There are less than 50 integrales in total stateside so its easy to keep tabs on them, but at least 5-10 of them are Evos, however not exactly square on the legality side.


Many thanks to Jason for letting us show his Delta, and for giving us lots of information about his rare car.

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