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A visit to Keighley

A visit to Motorhub in Keighley is always a pleasure, the staff are friendly and have all kinds of interesting cars.

They are also patient with visitors, visitors who critisise their cars and don't want to pay much for them.

Here's a report.

Our John spotted this metallic pale blue Evo2 for sale at Motorhub, he also spotted the interior. The interior is dark grey cloth, the car is from Japan, John suggested it could be a repainted Final Edition.


We had to have a look, if the price was right, it would be worth stripping and returning to original. So we drove over to Motorhub and had a look at the car.


This Evo2 is a very sound example, a beautiful looking car in perfect body condition, and very rust free. The paint job is great, but not a Lancia colour, so we peeled back the rubbers and looked in the boot, and sure enough it was red underneath. On a rainy Yorkshire day, our blueish led torch made the red look darker, but we decided it was in fact Rosso red.


That makes it an expensive non-standard car. The seats and door cards have been recovered in a nice dark grey cloth, and the interior looks lovely, but the seats aren't embossed.


The engine and suspension have been modified, in the Japanese way, and I'm sure this Delta will be very fast and run very well, but as an originality obsessive I have to give this car a miss.


However, I'm just too fussy, this is a beautiful car and looks very special, it will be a pleasure to own, and a good investment.

It looks like Candy red, but it's not!

The second Delta we went to see at Motorhub, was, guess what, another Evo2, also red underneath. This car was a Japanese import and had been painted white and Martinied up.


This car is again in super condition, rust free and very straight. What actually lies under the white paint I can't say, but I had taken my little magnet with me and it stuck on everywhere, so it must be sound.


Delta no 2 has a roll cage fitted, it's been bolted in, through the carpet! The dash has been avoided though, and the cage would be removed and on Ebay without too much trouble. The holes in the metal floor could be addressed, and perhaps the carpet pile could be brushed over the holes.


The engine has an aftermarket air filter, but luckily the original is in the boot. This car must be noisy though, it has no silencer, the pipe over the rear drive shaft goes straight out under the bumper. There are the usual far eastern suspension mods, and a few unusual controls in the cabin. This car could be returned to a valuable Rosso red Evo2 without too much trouble, the engine could be left in and just given a good service.


Probably the most difficult correction would be the driver's seat, on this car it's a very good blue leather chair from a Bianco Perlato Evo2. What are the chances of someone having an odd cream alcantara seat in their Bianco Perlato Evo2 they would swap?


This is another rare and interesting Evo2, with some work it would be a valuable investment.

A very clean engine bay, but holes

in the floor.

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to visit


At Motohub, it's hard being true to the one you love! They have 500 or more exciting cars, from Lamborghinis to Supras.

For the cost of one of these Integrales you could buy a sharp Escort Cosworth, or a TVR Tuscan, or a pair of Tomi Makinen Mitsubishi Evos,

and still have enough for a tank of gas home!


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