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A Euro trip

2 lancia deltas waiting for action

Waiting for action

A little while ago, we took another Euro journey, about a two thousand miles round trip, hooking up with our young 'un for a thrash around Bavaria. We took the Dealer Collection Evo.

I kept it quiet at home, but I hadn't been very far in this car before, it's been up on blocks for two years, and the chances of a malfunction were quite high. This is the car with the hopped up engine, which doesn't boost till over 5k, so you need to rev it hard to make good progress. So my better half wouldn't go without roadside rescue, she remembers the M1 hard shoulder one wet night! So I got RAC cover for this trip.


The journey started well, we made good time to the Channel Tunnel for a late night train. I'd been to Tescos and bought a new sat nav with our points, this was needed because this Delta's speedo goes off when you turn the lights on, I don't know why! And getting a new sat nav seemed easier than fixing it!


I felt like a dog with two high back, tan leather cocks, ripping over the motorways, piling up the miles. We did 90mph all day, about top whack really for such an old car, passing most other road users, and feeling well stuck to the road. Until we got to the autobahns that is! By the time we'd crossed Germany I was like a dog with its tail between its legs, 90mph just isn't fast enough for Germans, suddenly 3 or 4 Mercs or BMs are behind you, lights flashing, they've arrived there at almost twice the Delta's speed. and mean to keep going like that for the rest of the day! That got a bit depressing after a while.



man checking delta oil

It's time for an oil lecture.


140kph all day, a big hill, a heatwave and slowing down for roadworks are a recipe for overheating. This did happen, twice.

The guage went to the hot end, and the temp warning light

came on, but the oil temp stayed below 100. This is Mobil 1 again, the synthetic oil simply shook off the heat and kept the bottom end cool.


I checked the oil often, and the car didn't use any at all. This is a 75000 mile engine which has to be revved, I have no doubts at all about using synthetic oil now.

This vid was taken from an Evo which had kindly slowed down to let me pass.


We had a good dice on the hiways and byways, but if you listen to the engine note on the red car, it isn't on boost yet. It won't take off until 5k as I keep saying, but then it really takes off, so you only have a short while before you're into the red and you have to change up.


It doesn't make for relaxed driving!

selection of selenia oils

During a search for a new radiator fan relay, we visited a Fiat dealership. They weren't able to help, but I saw a lovely selection of Selenia motor oils!

The trip was most enjoyable, the Delta was still going well.

We headed for home, the car seemed a little down on power, we carried on. The car began to miss a little, then continue, then it cut out a bit.

The symptoms pointed to a faulty fuel pump, I slowed down a bit and the car got us home ok. I gave Tanc a call, and ordered a new pump, it came next day, it's a Walbro pump, smaller than the Bosch original, I think it night be higher output too.

Next job to fit it, report on that soon.

2 deltas in Germany

A foreign village

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