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Wake up, we're going for a test!

This Evo1 has been resting for 3 years, and we want to use it this Summer.

We've done a good few jobs on it over the Winter, as you'll have seen on other pages, now it's time to check it over and take the car for an MOT.

The Evo has had welding and paint, oil & filter, all the belts and water pump, and many other jobs inside and out during the cold season. Now it's time to get underneath and check the roadworthiness, here is a video report of what we had to do for a MOT pass.

The first job was to get underneath the car and have a good look around, all the work done in the winter was up on top, so

I needed to check down below. We jacked the car up and carefully lowered it onto axle stands, then removed the wheels.

Under the car I noticed there was a lack of bungs in the floor holes, this would mean a very wet carpet on a rainy day, though of no interest to an MOT tester, it had to be fixed.

There were a few other issues that needed sorting too, have a look at the vid to see what we did.

This 2nd vid shows the remedial work completed under the car. There are some long term corrosion problems which will need to be looked at, but we should be ok for this year.

The car is solid enough, but it needs to be turned over, and the underneath stripped back to the metal, treated and painted. 

Lastly the Evo's back on its wheels and we're checking up on top, lights, wipers etc. Again, mostly ok, a couple of problems are easily fixed, have look at the vid to the right. The result is a happy one, for another year!

I took the car down to the MOT station, driving the long way round to get it well warmed up.

This meant a drive into the country a little way, if you are proceeding to a booked MOT test you are ok without tax.


I took full advantage of this rule, and gave the car a good clear-out. The gear change was stiff with lack of use, but freed up a bit as we proceeded, boost was good, oil press good and water temp too. I did some firm braking to clean up the discs, and as you'll see above, the results at the MOT station were good.

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