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Hong Kong Deltas

                   Hong Kong is officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the

                   People's Republic of China, the former British colony is situated on the eastern

                   side of the Pearl river estuary in South China. There are 7.4 million Hongkongers on a territory

                   of 426 sq miles, making it the fourth most densely populated region in the world.

Hong Kong features the most skyscrapers in the world, which surround Victoria Harbour in the centre of the city's dense urban region. Hong Kong has a very high Human Development Index, it is a major financial centre with a high per capita income, and a well developed public transport system.

What better place to own a Lancia Delta? and as Ricky says, what's better than one Lancia Delta? 3 of course!  I too suffer from multiple Delta syndrome, so I'll hand you over to Ricky Chung to describe his fleet. 

Ricky's Lancia fleet

Ricky Chung's fantastic

Hong Kong Delta fleet.

Note the yellow Evo's licence plate, cool!

Note the red car's yellow headlights, also cool!

Lancia Delta HF

The Delta Trio in Hong Kong

What's better than a Lancia Delta? How about 3 Deltas?


The wonderful relationship started with a front wheel drive HF Turbo 20 years ago, which sadly I had to let go due to work after a 2 year ownership.  When I returned to Hong Kong in 2008 from overseas I started to look for a Delta again, and then one by one I picked them up whenever there is a chance. 


Ten years later,  I now drive a HF4wd, a 8v, and a  Evo 2. All right hand drive and licensed for road going in Hong Kong. The HF4wd and 8v are Hong Kong dealer cars and the conversion was done by the Ferrari/Lancia dealer with official Lancia parts and technical support back in 87 and 88. The Evo 2 Giallo was an Italy, UK then Hong Kong car. The conversion was done by Walkers. It went thru a 4 years restoration which the rust and several mechanical faults were properly sorted in Hong Kong.


It is a wonderful experience to drive Deltas. To keep them on the road surely kept me busy. Hope to hear more wonderful stories from Delta owners on Delta Force.


BTW, another Delta Force owner in Hong Kong, Matthew is a good friend.

Lancia Delta fleet

Yellow headlights, what a fantastic touch

Ricky reports:


Hong Kong has a fascinating car culture,

to be a classic car enthusiast there is challenging. Vehicles must be right hand drive to be licensed there, unless you have a

'Special movement permit'.

There are many fantastic country roads in the territory, and classic car owners are keen to use their car's performance in the hills.

The ownership challenges in HK make Ricky and his friends' achievements very impressive, we salute you, and wish you well for the future.  


Ricky's neat 8v Delta, with discreet rear spoiler.

I notice the yellow car with its bonnet open in the background, that'll be a familiar sight!

Here's what Ricky will be looking at...

Ricky continues..


There are quite of few of Deltas in Hong Kong. Being a small crowded right hand drive city, that is actually not too bad.


The HF4wd I believe is the only one licensed in Hong Kong.  I know there are at least 1 more HF4wd but that is left hand drive which unfortunately cannot be licensed to drive in HK without spending a very big sum of money. The HF4wd went thru an engine out restoration about 10 years ago. It is in my opinion the most nimble and agile among the 3 Deltas I own. Very quick and suitable for Hong Kong's short and winding back road.






The 8v I purchased from another Hong Kong collector about 7 years ago. It is a good solid car but I believe the engine is about time to get an overhaul. 


The Evo2 Giallo I purchased from UK then import to Hong Kong in 2013. It was very rusty at the bottom when I get it. It spent 4 years thru the chassis restoration and engine overhaul. The drive shaft, suspension, brakes are new. Honestly that was a painful process because everything I take apart is like opening another big can of worms. Like every Delta projects, after you went thru it, you will glad you make the right decision. I finally got it pass the rigid government test and have it licensed to drive in Hong Kong in 2017. There is not a lot of right hand drive Giallo Ginesta around the world and I would love to meet another Giallo owner hopefully in not too distance future.


I did all the mechanic work as much as possible. Thanks to your Youtube channel I learned a lot from your videos.  There are tasks beyond my capability which I will have to seek outside garage help. As you may have guessed to keep all 3 running consumes a  great deal of my spare time.


Thank you and hope you all the best in your work. Happy driving.


Ricky Chung.

Evo 2 engine
Evo 2 interior
Ricky's yellow Evo2

We thank Ricky for his report, and wish him well for the future.


Keep in touch Ricky, we're happy to help where we can.

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