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Selling in USA

Yellow Evo2, Japanese import, on BaT 12 March 2021, not sold at $110,000.00

yellow evo2.jpg

If you are buying or selling an Integrale in the USA, you will probably use Bring a

BaT is a US internet automobile auction site where the management allow the 'most interesting' cars to be listed. You must register to bid with a credit card and 5% value returnable deposit, BaT charge 5% of the final bid if you win, to a max of $5000.

Sellers pay $99 for a 7 day listing, with pro photography and other services available at higher cost.

There's a community page for each listing, questions can be asked, comments made,

the vendor can be contacted when visits and test drives can be arranged.

A BaT auction description is very thorough,

a listing has typically 150 photographs, and a comprehensive description.

Snipe -last minute- bids are discouraged

by the auction time being extended

for 2 minutes after the highest bid is placed.

integrale 16v

It's reasonable to expect the USA to be the best place to sell a Delta.

They have lots of money there, and an American enthusiast

appreciates a rare Italian rally car.


The Integrale pictured here sold for $51,000.00 on July 20 2022.

This well prepared 16v was beautifully photographed and presented.

The car has aftermarket Compomotive wheels, performance cams with

an Eprom chip, and it features the 16v striped upholstery.

This 16v is a Japanese import, it was in Oregon and has Washington State title. The car has the now expected performance

'improvements' made by Delta owners in the Far East.

The port of Seattle in Washington State is the closest USA

sea port to Japan, importing Japanese cars is good business in the

Pacific North West, with many experts bringing in lots of cars.

These good value cars and short sea route can make a profitable import from Europe a bit more difficult.

16v integrale
Delta Evo1 USA

This red Evo1 sold for $78,000.00 on August 16th, 2022, the Evo is one of several cars that have come from the UK in recent times.

The car was said to have been rebuilt by Prestocar. It had a very comprehensive listing description, with many good photos taken in the US, and videos

with the car on UK plates. The car has 17in wheels, probably Honda typeR front seats covered nicely in grey stitched Alcantara. The car was recently for sale

in Louth, Lincolnshire, UK.


You would expect California to be the natural home for Deltas, and that's where this car is located. It has Vermont title however because an Evo1 won't pass a California smog test. Integrales in California are run on Dealer plates,

or out of state plates.

$78,000.00 is £69,920.00 UK exchange at present in 2022,

so with the Delta's appreciation in Europe, and the

car's valuable heritage here, is it still a good idea to

ship your car to the USA in search of a top profit?

The cost of shipping across the Atlantic, transport and storage 

in the US, and the question of securing the car if you

are many miles away, might make a person

reconsider their plans. Not everyone in faraway locations

is as trustworthy as you might hope.

evo1 red
winner red evo1

These two cars might also give you reason to reconsider

selling your Delta in America.

This winner red 1992 Evo1, with black leather Interior,

front 4 Pot Alcon floating calipers, Momo final edition steering wheel, air conditioning, Powerflex bushes, RM Inverted series coilover kit, RM nitrogen pressurised dampers etc.,

is for sale at £84,900.00 in Hertford, UK,

in August 2022.

Which is $100,492.00 in US dollars

evo1 interior.jpg

This attractive Evo1 also has the same

non original, recovered 

hi back seats as the red car above.

yellow evo2 Hampshire

Here's another Delta, this time a lovely yellow

Evo2 for sale in Dorset, UK, again in August 2022.

It's a very straight, original Delta, and it has a nice interior

with the original seats. The car is for sale at a

price of £109,995.00. This amounts to

$130,118.00 in US dollars.

So I would say consider the costs involved shipping your car for sale in the USA, you might be surprised at its value

right here at home.

If you really want to make money, send it to Switzerland!

Check this out.....

yellow delta interior
martini sticker.png

This smart little car is for sale at

The Classic Collection in Ringwood, Hampshire.


Click here to visit the sale site 

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