After a winter tucked away, the Delta's rear calipers are often siezed up. This can usually be fixed by removing the caliper, then the piston, and cleaning the bore, then shoving it all back. This is if you are lucky!

I removed the 16v rear calipers one Spring, which isn't the easiest operation, as you'll know, put the calipers on the bench and took them apart, one at a time to have a reassembly pattern. The Bendix units are self adjusting, this operation is quite complex, a combination of hydraulics and a corkscrew threaded piston. In fact it was beyond my understanding, I thought I'd got the idea, then realised I didn't after all.


I messed about on the bench all afternoon, I couldn't get the bits back correctly. As tea time came, I gave up and went home.


My local motor factors supply exchange calipers from Brake Engineering, I've used them on other vehicles, these are well made, reconditioned units, you send yours in and get a new set straight away. In the morning I chucked all the bits in a box and went to get a new pair of calipers.


These aren't expensive, if you value your time at £10 per hour, 4 hours has paid for one side, £30 per hr and it makes no sense to get your hands oily. The units are perfect too, and adjusted ready for installation.


Refitting has it's own problems, the pads have a knob which must line up with the groove on the piston, so the corkscrew doesn't wind out etc., and then the handbrake cable won't stretch enough to fit over the correctly adjusted fork, then they won't bleed properly till the load valve has some weight on it. But you know all this.


I just wanted to say how beautiful the Brake Engineering box looks with the shiny new calipers, these below are sitting in early Spring snow, as if Santa had just dropped them off.


Integrale rear caliper

The Evo Brembo front brakes never seize, the stainless steel pistons are rust free, they are easy to bleed and simple to service. The Brembo 4 pot caliper is powerful and reliable, a simple and durable device. 

more brakes

Click on picture above to visit Brake Engineering

Slowly I began to notice a fault developing on our 16v brakes, there was a slight delay in the brakes releasing. This got more noticable over the Summer. I checked the servo, and if the calipers were sticking, but all were working well.


I realised it was probably faulty brake pipes, I thought that the flexible pipe's inner rubber was coming loose, and not allowing the fluid to return freely.


So ordered a set of new flexible pipes from Tanc, fitting report soon.