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Rear calipers to be precise...


The Brembo calipers on the front of an Integrale are fine items, they are compact and efficient 4 piston units, with the pistons made of a light, corrosion free alloy. The pads are simple to change, and the pistons will never corrode and seize in their bores. The Brembo front brakes are strong and reliable.

Girling calipers fitted to the rear have a self adjusting handbrake mechanism inside the piston. These are a sliding caliper, single piston unit which moves on its mountings to squeeze the brake disc.

We'll talk here about the Lucas Girling rear calipers and how to replace them.

The Girling brakes have a steel body and steel pistons, they can, and do, corrode and stick in the bores. This is encouraged by the Integrale's load sensing valve closing under light load, and shutting off the rear brakes so that the

piston doesn't move.


We don't use our Deltas in the winter, and we don't carry much in the back of our cars in any season, so the steel pistons rust into the bores through disuse and the brakes seize up.

Because of the complicated piston and handbrake arrangement, it's easier to buy exchange brake units which you know have been serviced properly.

Let's have a look at the options.

My caliper of choice was from Brake Engineering in Wrexham, they gave an excellent service by exchange through any motor factors. However, BE have recently been bought by ZF, and they are no longer interested in small, single unit refurb sales. In a recent phone call

they were apologetic, but not really bothered.

Brake engineering calipers

A cheerful image of well packed, well remanufactured brake calipers

A Lucas Girling brake caliper in position on an Integrale left hand rear hub.

Integrale back brake

AECar have rear calipers available from stock, remanufactured by Budweg in Holland. However, Eddie tells me Budweg are not able to supply many of these calipers

at present due to production shortages.

The calipers are a lovely unit, made to a high quality with a new spring and piston,

 they are actually a Fiat Punto caliper which has a slightly bigger piston. is the address, the calipers cost £195.00 each +vat +delivery,

or £312 for the pair, and there is no exchange required

A recent caliper delivery to us from AECar.

Click on pic to visit Budweg site,

click on link to visit AECar

Click on pic or link to visit Tanc's site

Tanc Barratt have remanufactured rear calipers available, they are exchange units.

The calipers are well finished with a new bleed nipple, and looks to be a new

spring and piston.

As these units are no longer available new, Tanc will require your

old calipers for future refurb, they will organise collection of the old parts. is the address, the calipers cost £149.00 each +vat +delivery

exchange units required

And finally, Brake Caliper Refurbs in Rochdale, Lancs.

I had a pair refurbed there recently, I wanted to find an option in case of regular stockist supply problems. Johnny at BCR is enthusiastic and knows his calipers.

All refurbed units can be painted in any colour your fancy, I couldn't wait for mine to be painted so I did them myself, his units are a better finish than mine

which are shown here to the right.

The calipers have new seals and a new bleed nipple, the spring and

piston are your old ones

A set of seals for the mounting slides was included with the refurb. is the address.

The units are your own refurbished, so need to be shipped to Rochdale, or BCR offer a £10 collection service from your address.

The cost is £140 for a pair refurbed, blasted and unpainted,

or £280 for a pair of 2, refurbished with your choice of painted finish.

Click on pic or link to visit BCR site

Integrale brakes

That's my rear brake caliper report, I hope it's helpful.

I'm doing the actual brake job on YouTube if you'd like to watch,

it's a job seeming to be required quite often!

Thanks for reading, get in touch anytime 

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